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Home decorating ideas based on each generation

There is no denying that decorating a home is a very personal matter. In fact, beyond the latest trends, which must never be ignored, every person looks for the best features that suit their specific needs. However, did you know that there are similar decorating patterns for people of a certain age group? Yes, it is true and when you read this article, you will realise this is the case. Here we are going to talk about the most popular home decoration designs for each generation.

1. The 'Millenials'

We have to start with the 'Millenials', of course. This is a concept that has lately been on everyone's lips and refers to the generation of people who are between 18 and 34 years of age. It seems that the 'Mod Visionary', which is nothing more than a minimalist style based on retro trends that have returned strongly from the mid-twentieth century, is among the ideas to decorate the home in order to be in the current vogue.

2. The children of the 'Baby Boom'

We travel a little further back in time to discover what the children of the 'Baby Boom' preferred when decorating their homes. In particular, these people tend to opt for the rustic style that's slightly more refined than usual and give priority to natural features. What's more, comfort is prioritised above everything else. In addition, it is not strange to include informal elements and loads of originality that serve to represent specific aspects of their personality.

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3. Generation Z

If we took a step back in time before, we are now going to take two steps forward to talk about generation Z. Specifically, this is the generation that arrived just after the 'Millenials', that is, once the 21st century began in which we were immersed completely or shortly before its arrival.

It may seem that members of Generation Z are not yet old enough to have a house. The truth is that many of them do, even if it is rented. Although they do not own the property, they have the ability to directly influence the tastes of their parents. It is also surprising to find that they have looked back in time for inspiration and have a subtle taste for rustic features and the warmth that these elements bring to their property.

Keep in mind that, despite the technology that this latest generation uses every day as they have been raised in a fully digital environment, members of Generation Z feel a greater attachment to the previous generations and greatly appreciate what they have accomplished. This is probably the reason why they pay tribute to their previous generation through home decoration.

Do you identify with any of the generations we have explained here? Probably yes. No matter which year you were born, it is normal for you to have found yourself in a situation that you felt you had to share many ideas with your generation in order to decorate your home.

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