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Living in a penthouse in Madrid

Madrid is a wonderful city to live in. And the capital of Spain has plenty of attractions for residents and visitors. On the one hand, its architecture is wonderful and has a long history of surviving countless monuments and landmarks. Similarly, its streets enjoy an absolutely enviable atmosphere marked by many terraces, bars, shops and street shows.

But without doubt, the best way to combine the typical hustle and bustle of the city of Madrid with the tranquility needed to live an easy life is residing in duplex penthouses, for such housing complexes offer many and varied advantages for the residents. Therefore, in the following lines we intend to expose the most important aspects, in order to convince you once and for all. If you're looking to reside in this place, you will probably take into account the following advantages of penthouses. They include:

1. Maximum light. 

The great advantage of living on the top floor of a building in the capital of Spain is the chance that your home receives as much natural light as possible. This, in a city marked by large buildings, is a great advantage. Moreover, when you consider the price of the electricity bill, it is a good saving in the short and long term.

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Obviously, you will be happy to know that you can enjoy amazing views every time you lean out the balcony or terrace. In this sense, not every home will give you great views other than those offered by the duplex penthouses. This is possible, especially as there are very few obstacles in front of you to block your view of the grandeur of this city.

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3. Less hassle.

Because you will be living in the highest part of a building, you'll have no neighbours upstairs. You will not suffer the discomforts caused by the noise generated through walking with high-heel shoes or performing any other noisy task. All these advantages will undoubtedly promote your rest and tranquility.

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4. No problems for pets.

If you love animals, then attics are right for you. And, in relation to the previous point, your faithful companion will not disturb the neighbours if he gets a little mischievous, so to speak. Also, you always have the option to leave your pet in the terrace in order for him to enjoy the fresh air and natural light.

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5. Increased privacy.

When you live on the top floor of a building you will be more protected from the eyes of others who may live across the street from you. This will be even more obvious if you move to a block of flats higher than the buildings around you.

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6. Terrace.

Generally, attics usually have a terrace far superior to any other type of housing size. Therefore, you will have an outdoor space in which to relax whenever you feel like it and you can sunbathe in the summer or engage in any activity that your heart desires, whenever you want. In addition, many other possibilities are at your fingertips. For example, if you're a fan of nature, you can always create a small urban garden, or just have some ornamental plants.

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7. Price evaluation. 

We must also say that usually the purchase price or rental of a penthouse is significantly higher than normal properties. However, the price also appreciates more rapidly over time and to a greater extent, because most people dream of having this type of property and enjoy all the advantages it has. So, if you're considering this option, besides buying a house, make an investment in a penthouse as this is an excellent option that you should not miss out on.

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8. Profitability of space. 

The two-story penthouses have the great advantage of being divided on two floors and therefore allow greater profitability of space. We think that, in this sense, you can take the lower floor to live your everyday life and the upper floor for more recreational activities.

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If you are thinking of buying a duplex penthouse in the capital of Spain, this is, without a doubt, your big chance. And in the Engel & Völkers Real Estate Madrid we have a wide range of properties in which, surely, you'll be able to find the perfect place for you. 

Also, if you wish, we will provide personalised advice for you to make your stay as comfortable as possible, with everything you need to know about your new home. Do not hesitate and contact us today! 

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