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Tell me what your house looks like and I will tell you what it says about you

According to the classical ideal theory, architecture plays a crucial role in making a more pleasant environment in which human relationships are developed and, by extension, life itself. Needless to say that a property is one of the architectural expressions that more clearly the will to adapt a space bounded to the tastes of its owners is appreciated. That is why we can say without any exaggeration that, knowing what your home looks like, reveals who you are. 

Kicking off with the external aspects of a house, that is, the facade and the visible structure from street level, it is possible to get a very accurate idea of ​​the character of the inhabitants. A sober façade, dominated by the straight line, with little or no decoration and with clear colours and designs, could indicate that the residents are people who put tranquility ahead of the mystery and grandeur austerity. On the contrary, if the ornamentation is omnipresent, the lines transmit an anarchic beauty and bright colours stand out, they reveal of a more extroverted and restless character.

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However, the external formal characteristics are not as illustrative as the small details that can be seen on the inside (especially when it comes to apartments where the facade depends less on the particular tastes of an owner). Minimalist decor (as championed by Nordic minimalism) is symptomatic most often a simple lifestyle and focus on what is really relevant. It seeks no ostentation but the transmission of a message of serenity and certain invitation to meditation. At the same time, the availability of much space is synonymous of light and naturalness. 

The other side of the coin would put the most meticulous decoration as an expression of the most curious minds and even ambitious. Everything is in its exact site and that each element has a precise meaning revealing the organisational capacity of residents. Only this explains how they can integrate as many samples of furniture, paintings and other purely decorative elements. Depending on the nature of each object, it is also possible to infer the owner's passion for exhibiting memories of different episodes of his life. Everything is there for a reason. 

Ultimately, decorating a home is one of the most graphic ways of discovering the character and values ​​of a person. It is precisely why there is a house for each type of buyer and so the best real estate agents know how to direct each client to their dream home.

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