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The best reading corners in a home

Reading is one of those daily pleasures that benefits us more than we can imagine. It is certainly affordable (the price of books is less than before and there are no other expenses that come with this pastime), it is also culturally enriching, engaging, relaxing and helps us forget our worries. Naturally, to create the right environment for reading, it is essential to think of a suitable corner in your home. Whether the residents are avid readers or simply like to spend a little time immersed in a good book, interior design has solutions for all those who wish to buy a house in Madrid.

- Rincones de lectura

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Needless to say, the main criteria of a reading corner is that it must enjoy optimum lighting. Preferably, this should be natural light whereby the proximity of windows and other external light sources are the most desirable quality. Once you have tackled the natural light aspect, you will have many decoration options at your fingertips. In recent years, anything related to the current Nordic minimalism has gained prominence. According to this concept of interior spaces, less furniture is used for minimum expression, just like any other ornamental feature. The important thing is lighting and the sense of neutrality of the home.

Other aspects that give little prominence to the furniture and keep the reading corner clear include a chair and a lamp so you won't need to totally rely on the sun for lighting the reading corner. Large windows on either side of the reading corner will complete this concept. Another possible idea is to introduce some auxiliary furniture to this reading corner. Small shelves, which rarely exceed one metre in height, are the most suitable and will be the only bookshelves in the house.

- Rincones de lectura

Foto: © Engel & Völkers Madrid

Moving on to the third idea, settings inspired by rural or rustic interior designs also work very well and may even help people make the decision to buy a house in Madrid. Walls with exposed bricks and the possible installation of a fireplace are now popular features that are often seen in many reading corners. The ceiling also plays the part accordingly by showing exposed wooden beams and recreating the interior of a cottage. The exposed wooden beams are the main features, especially if they are in darker colours. All this should contribute towards creating a more homely environment, as though you are returning to the warmth of your home after a snowfall.

Obviously, modern styles also have much to say in a field that usually gives more attention to traditional interior design trends. Designer furniture, with bright colours but almost always light (green is relatively popular), shelves with different sizes or rugs with a lot of character would be some of the resources used in reading corners. Finally, we can not forget the decorative alternatives that stem from elements belonging to very different trends. For example, vintage furniture can be combined with avant-garde lamps and abstract paintings on the walls. It must be noted that the most authentic and charming reading corner should always be decorated by the book reader himself.

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