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Adventure in Cala Ratjada on Mallorca

You've finally found your very special property in Cala Ratjada. Although you've realised your dream of your own house, Mallorca has even more big and little things to offer than just your dream villa.


As Cala Ratjada has the second biggest port of Mallorca, any fish enthusiast can always inspect the catch of the day with gusto. But among all the kinds of fish you know and love, you'll also find crayfish here. You've never heard of it? Crayfish are related to lobsters and belong to the crustacean family. Mallorca used to have so-called 'crayfish houses' on the island for this special kind of crab, where they were stored before being sold. Nowadays, this kind of crustacean storehouse is protected as a landmark.


House with a terrace in Cala Ratjada at the sea. House with terrace in Cala Ratjada at the sea.


Just the name Cala Ratjada alone rings of adventure and secrets. And this community indeed has a colourful history: Back in the 15th century, the inhabitants built many watchtowers to guard against pirate raids. Among them was the "Blind Tower" (Sa Torre Cega), which could be seen by attackers from miles away, standing on top of a hill. Around 1900, an architect built a villa for Juan March out of its ruins. The Spanish banker and rogue Juan March was a daring pioneer who always went all in to get exactly what he wanted.


You probably shouldn't act as rash as Juan March, but you might try and do some extraordinary things, as well - climb a lighthouse, for example. If you have children, it's always a special experience for them to see a lighthouse from the inside. So get out there and start a small journey of discovery into the bowels of the Far de Capdepera. Step by step you'll scale the dizzying helix of the spiral staircase - don't worry, you'll be rewarded with an amazing view over Cala Ratjada.


After you've boldly climbed the lighthouse and enjoyed a spectacular view, you might want to look for some other activities to do: If you want to channel your inner Robinson Crusoe and climb across jagged rocks, you're in the right place. Scramble on, but be careful - if you're too cocky and slip, you might hurt more than just a finger. And if you've had enough of playing Robinson Crusoe, treat yourself to a cool, revitalising swim.


You've become curious? You can find more information on our properties on offer in Cala Ratjada and environs here!

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