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Cala Ratjada and its beautiful properties

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For many people the long-awaited house of your dreams or the coveted finca is located somewhere in the world, but you’ve long found your villa! Cala Ratjada is the place, that is located in the east of Mallorca Island.


You’ve always heard a lot about Mallorca and you’ve read a ton: Whether it’s about the parties with celebrities, the new studio albums, that are being produced in Mallorca or its wonderful properties. But you appreciate completely different sides of it, and not just the beautiful side effects that made you aware of Mallorca in the first place.


Especially the beaches here are something you love: Whether it’s the beaches in the East of Mallorca, like in Cala Ratjada or the wonderful beaches of Alcúdias or Santa Ponsa.


Property with lots of palm trees in Cala Ratjada

Property with direct sea access, Cala Ratjada, Mallorca

When you first visited Cala Ratjada, you were surprised, how natural this place is. In the dunes, there is no waste, and the paths which you walk on happily are free of cigarette butts or sticky ice cream wrappers.


Soon, you will not only explore the area on foot, but also admire the scenery by motorcycle. In the breezy wind in Mallorca’s sunshine, you perceive the details of this place quite differently than just by walking.


So dare to take a motorcycle trip, even if it’s been a while since the last trip - You will be really surprised how much you of Cala Ratjada you get to see.


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