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What does your zodiac sign tell you about your ideal home?

Could your zodiac sign point the way to your perfect home? Which zodiac signs prefer to rent rather than buy? Take a look below to see what your stars say.

- Could you discover the perfect home based on your zodiac sign? Find out with our guide to star signs and property.


Aries does nothing by halves, whether that’s work, play or spending quality time alone. With all this in mind, Aries is likely to buy their own home, preferably somewhere in a vibrant city with the option to escape to nearby countryside.


Taurus is much like Aries in their intensity and hard-working approach, which also extends to any home improvement projects. Taurus will want to decorate – or even build – their own place, so they’re more likely to look for land or a fixer-upper.


Gemini is sociable and energetic; they love their friends and their freedom. They’ll prefer to rent, giving them the option to move on whenever they feel the need. They like to be in a stimulating environment and not out in remote areas for too long.


Just as outgoing as Gemini but without the need for constant stimulation, Cancer wants to live somewhere they can easily host friends and family but also be alone at times. Ideally their home will be by the sea or close to nature.


Leo likes luxury living, but they’re also generous and sociable. A large house with grand features and lots of room for guests is ideal for a Leo, and all the better if it has an impressive exterior.


Perfectionist Virgo wants everything just right, so it’s best they buy rather than rent. Expect them to choose something Instagram-worthy – a place that’s small but perfectly formed will suit them well.


Libra has a creative eye and a sociable nature, so they’ll want to own their own home so they can decorate and invite friends over. They’re the sign most likely to pick somewhere highly unusual to live and transform it into a beautiful and quirky home.


A historical residence suits authentic Scorpio, but whether they rent or buy depends on the form their characteristic independence takes. They might prefer to rent somewhere with the option to move when they feel the pull of something different, or they might like to buy so they don’t have to answer to anyone else.


Independent Sagittarius likes to move around and loves culture – expect to see them renting a series of homes in cultural hotspots around the world.


Capricorn is hard-working and good with money, so they’re the ones you’ll see picking up a bargain on the housing market before putting the hours in to transform and sell it. Capricorns’ property insights make them excellent real estate buyers, and their own home will be renovated to as high a standard as those they sell.


Imaginative and fond of a good cause, Aquarius will throw themselves into a house renovation with all their might. They’re so good with people that they’ll also be able to persuade all their friends to help them too.


Artistic Pisces needs their time alone, so somewhere outside the city and preferably near open water will suit them best. They’ll want to decorate their home in their own way, so renting won’t work as well for them as buying their own place.

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