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Coworking spaces - lucrative investment in the future

More and more professionals work as freelancers for companies or completely independently online. Not everyone has the possibility to have all the equipment at home or to equip an office. Many freelancers are looking for a way out of the solitude of a home office, where they miss the creative exchange of ideas with colleagues. Coworking spaces offer the opportunity to communicate with people from all industries. At the same time, they offer all the amenities of an open-plan office with modern conference rooms. For little money, everyone can flexibly use all of the equipment. It’s not surprising therefore that coworking spaces are in high demand throughout Germany.

- Large properties can be lucratively converted into increasingly popular, modern coworking spaces. But there are a few things to consider when it comes to equipment.

The perfect location for your daily work

The idea of coworking spaces is a trend that is growing extremely fast worldwide. The rental offices can be found in almost every major city in the world. In an urban environment, the shared offices are ideal for daily work or meetings with the first customers. Even small teams can meet there and work together without having to rent and furnish their own offices. The concept of coworking spaces is therefore perfect for anyone who only wants to tie up their finances in the short term or does not want to invest in equipment initially. Even large companies outsource project staff to an office on a temporary basis if their own rooms are too small or creative teamwork is required. 

Coworking spaces for digital nomads and creative people

Coworking means working together. For artists, writers or other creative people, a shared office in metropolitan areas is often too hectic. For start-ups, the foundation phase also often requires different impulses. That's why there are coworking spaces that are located close to nature. Here, digital nomads can work, relax, let their thoughts run free and take a holiday at the same time. With overnight stays on site, freelancers can experience community with others more intensively and also more creatively. Large buildings of all kinds such as former hotels, large houses in the mountains, fincas on Mallorca or a winery in France are ideally suited for this purpose.

Coworking spaces: a wide range of equipment and a special flair 

The more flair a building has, the more suitable it is as a coworking space. Open-plan offices primarily require a lot of space, which can be found especially in old factory buildings, railway stations, castles or former churches. The more appealing the ambience, the more freelancers and start-ups are attracted to the coworking space. A romantic old farmhouse certainly offers a completely different working environment than an austere office building. Creativity needs the right environment. Workplaces with classy furnishings or a very special flair are particularly popular. Start-ups find employees more easily and sales-oriented entrepreneurs score points with customers if the ambience is upscale and professional. 

Necessary renovations for various properties

What a coworking space needs first and foremost is space and a well-equipped, pleasant working atmosphere. The open-plan office is the heart of any coworking space. In general, large rooms with high ceilings and bright furnishings offer an ideal environment for intellectual stimulation. Suitable ventilation and heating are important for open-plan offices so that tenants can feel comfortable and concentrate. Fully equipped conference rooms offer the perfect setting for customer meetings and first-class presentations. Sometimes a private office is required, which is why a coworking space should provide separate work areas that allow for undisturbed working. Glass walls or drywalls are a matter of taste and budget. 

The legal aspects of equipping coworking spaces

It is mostly millennials who are seeking casual teamwork. They are interested in community and networking. The renovation of an old factory building, a church or a farmhouse nevertheless requires some finesse. After all, in addition to visual appearance and user-friendliness, even flexible workplaces must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This starts with lighting, ventilation and temperature control and extends to minimum sizes for work surfaces and separate offices as well as sufficient sanitary facilities. In addition, the noise level must remain low enough to allow everyone to work undisturbed. Better acoustics are provided by built-in meeting rooms or closed offices. Long-term users in particular attach great importance to ergonomic equipment, glare-free computer workstations and height-adjustable seats and workstations.

Different styles depending on location

While the loft style prevails in factories, a cosy interior with flair convinces in a farmhouse environment. In metropolitan areas, it is often about prestige. A modern, high-quality interior attracts creative start-ups, as well as all those who value noblesse. A popular, additional source of income for coworking space operators are event rooms or catering areas. Depending on the location, these generate lucrative additional income. The concept must be coherent, flexible and suitable for the respective target group. 

Established coworking spaces: betahaus and co.

This form of joint offices was originally established in the USA in 2005, more precisely in San Francisco. There are now coworking spaces all over the world, especially in large cities. Berlin is a stronghold and follows right behind the metropolises of New York and London with its extensive offer. The betahaus in Berlin was already established in 2009 as the first location for creative collaboration and now has various locations throughout Europe.

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