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Home design: five benefits of atrium lighting

How light is generated and orchestrated in our homes has a profound effect on how we live – from altering our mood, to shifting where and how we gather and entertain. As the darker months draw in and autumn turns to winter, bringing natural light into your property becomes slightly more complicated. However, with atrium lighting in place, your house or apartment has an endless source of illumination at its disposal.

Once used by the Romans as places of congregation, these ancient architectural designs are now incorporated into contemporary structures to transform entire walls or ceiling sections into windowed panels, so that as much daylight as possible can enter your interiors.

Here are five other incredible benefits to be had through owning an atrium home.

- Home design: five benefits of atrium lighting

1. Provides a source of natural daylighting

Daylight hours dwindle as autumn approaches, which in turn can both limit our bodies' access to Vitamin D – a calcium and phosphate-regulating nutrient – and impact our moods. This can even lead to the emergence of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in some individuals. While the exact mechanism of SAD isn’t yet understood, it’s thought that a lack of sunlight, normally during the autumn and winter months, has a detrimental effect on melatonin and serotonin production as well as the body’s circadian rhythms. 

This is where atrium lighting becomes both an aesthetic asset and a health benefit: those residing in atrium homes are bathed with sunlight, which helps to combat seasonal stress. Secondary rooms with access to the glass windows receive a pleasant and natural level of illumination; perfect for creating a Zen-like meditation space. Simply add potted plants, bamboo matting and bubbling fountains to embrace an Eastern-inspired aesthetic.

2. Offers a unique gathering spot

With lofty ceilings and inherent brightness, atria make for spacious places in the home for receiving guests and spending time with family. Create an airy yet welcoming atmosphere for entertaining with plush sofas arranged centrally around a brightly patterned rug. Natural tones like sea foam green or lemon yellow mirror the outdoors found just beyond the panes of glass, and yet are both casual and cheerful, particularly when accented with hanging flower baskets or potted ferns. 

- Home design: five benefits of atrium lighting

3. Reduces energy costs

When designed properly, an atrium not only serves as a social centre for the home but can also contribute to energy savings. The natural lighting reduces the need for excess superficial illumination during autumn and winter, and if your atrium is covered, it will trap and conserve heat. Many architects temper this heat-storing effect in the summertime with built-in ventilation.

4. Brings year-round greenery into the home

Introduce different and tropical life forms into your property with the climate-controlled possibilities an atrium home affords. An enclosed greenhouse space like this is warm enough for exotic birds or lizards, though if you prefer flora to fauna, it’s also an enchanting space for a vertical garden with trailing vines. Atrium lighting will keep your indoor garden green and lush as the outdoor chill sets in, offering an equatorial refuge.

5. Provides a seasonal decorating outlet

A unique space like an atrium is ideal for lending head-turning drama to an otherwise neutral home. Make the most of this possibility and change the décor as the seasons progress. When daylight hours wane and autumn sets upon us, recognise this shift with throw pillows in rust-coloured reds and pumpkin hues. Switch your decorative bouquets of summer florals for autumnal blooms like orange dahlias or Japanese anemones.

Harnessing the decorative and health benefits of atrium lighting is all about making the most of this unique space. If you’re in search of further inspiration, browse more properties like this show-stopping atrium home in Berlin on our website.

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