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Cook under the open sky

Cook under the open skySpring is still hesitantly heading for us and thus the anticipation for the upcoming outdoor season is building every day.  Who doesn’t dream of a mild spring evening outside with friends enjoying fantastic food? As a long established trend, outdoor kitchens, beginning with grills, have made the preparation of healthy meals and entire menus possible even outside. Get inspired by our tips!

Gone are the days in which you could only barbeque sausages and steaks etc. outside. Steaming and simmering outside are finally possible with an outdoor kitchen. The idea originated from the USA. It has long been part of the culture there to barbecue outside and to cook on a grand scale.

Selection of the basic elements

The selection of fittings is varied and diverse. Basic features include a hob and grill. Access to a power and water supply must, of course, be provided.  There are price-conscious mobile variants as well as luxury kitchens that are no worse off than indoor kitchens.  What’s important for all types is selecting the proper materials which should always robust since the kitchen is exposed to the weather and, every now and then, must withstand the frost of winter. Stone, metal, natural woods or high-quality steel offer a lot of design possibilities and are also weather resistant. If cooking outside often, installing an induction cooker is advisable. A sink unit and refrigerator can certainly also be accommodated outside.

Fixed or mobile?

Choosing the right location is obviously also key for success.  If you get a fixed unit, you should consult an architect who can assess where the best location for the build is. Some outdoor kitchens come with rollers so that you can change its position at will which is particularly useful in direct sunlight or rain. Whether barbeque station or modular kitchen - proceed gradually with the planning and consult specialists or architects.

Cooking among friends

The more extensive the equipment, the more sociable the preparation can be. Since if you have enough space to cook and seat your guests, you can prepare and cook entire meals without having to run back and forth between the inside and outside kitchens. It is even possible to cook bread or cake outside - here a food cover should be used which simultaneously protects against rain and insects.

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