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Cabrera - a natural paradise away from mass tourism

Previously, Cabrera was still a refuge for pirates, nowadays there live mainly many different sea birds and sea animals. Meanwhile also gladly tourists dare a detour to this place - but why actually? What makes this quite unknown island so special?

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The small island of Cabrera is just 18.36 km in size, yet it is the largest island of anarchipelago consisting of 18 small rocky islands. Only 13 kilometers separates Cabrera from Mallorca, so that you can see them even in clear sky from the southern extremity of Majorca. In 1991, the almost uninhabited island was declared a national park and bird sanctuary. It says to be the last natural paradise in the Mediterranean. You will find in vain lively tourist places, large hotel complexes and countless restaurants, but this is exactly what makes this island so special.

If you drive by boat to Cabrera, you can see the rocky, barren appearance of the 18 tiny islets from afar. The island is characterized by many wild goats, which fed every green from the island until the 50th – Therefore it is named Cabrera, because the Spanish name for goat is “cabra”.  To prevent this in the future, the goats were finally taken away from the island.

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As soon as you go by boat into the azur bay in order to reach the old natural harbor, you will see more and more its beauty. Rocky hills alternate with a breath taking flora. To protect the wild life sanctuary, a maximum of 50 anchorage are offered per day. If you want to get an anchorage a tone of the buoys, you should reserve in time, because anchoring is not permitted from nature protection.

You can make a reservation for example on the webside

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An oasis of tranquility in the Balearic Islands

With just 20 inhabitants who live permanently on the island and only a maximum of 50 visitors who are allowed to visit the island per day, Cabrera is an oasis of tranquility. The only thing you might hear is the gentle whispering of the waves and the chirping of the many different bird species.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Mallorca for a moment, you should take the approximately 40-minute boat trip from Colonia de Sant Jordi or Sa Rápita (for example with an excursion boat). Video copyright

Activities off the beaten track

If you are on Cabrera you should not miss the few but beautiful attractions of the island.There are two different sign posted hiking trails leading away from the small port of Cabrera. One leads through the magnificent national park of the Cabrera archipela go to a castle of1 4th-century, which should protect the island, high above a rock, from pirates and pirates. The ascension is worth while, because from there you have a wonderful view to the harbor and the bay. The other way leads from the harbor to the idyllic beaches.

If you like to dive, you should not miss one of the guided diving trips, because the water is pure thanks to the strict anchorage zones, and the sea ground is one of the best preserved on the entire Spanish coast. Now, numerous sea animals have found protection and with a bit of luck you can see a turtles or a dolphin.

We recommend to have a look to unique water cave, called “Cueva Azul”. Take a bath and feel refreshed.

A pleasant little bar in a wonderful setting you find at the port, "Cantina" is the only restauranton on Cabrera. There you will find a peaceful place to get a pure relaxation.


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