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From Apartment to a House: Engel & Völkers finds the best real estate in Menorca for you!

Over the past few years, the Balearic island of Menorca has increasingly become the apple of the real estate market's eye. A few years ago, the island of Mallorca attracted a large number of real estate buyers, today the demand for apartments and houses on Menorca has reached an equally high level.
Property ownership in Menorca is more popular than ever. The real estate market in Menorca is booming - but above all it is the high-priced real estate that is in great demand. If you are looking for a house in Menorca that suits your high expectations, turn to trusted realtors at Engel & Völkers.
Engel & Völkers offers all over Menorca luxury properties like high quality houses, villas, apartments, rustic houses and apartments for sale to you. We are happy to advise you by phone, via email or directly on the spot in Menorca in the Engel & Völkers real estate shop in Mahón on the C /. Ses Moreres 34A in 07703 Mahón on the properties offered.
A second Engel & Völkers real estate shop is currently under construction in the popular city of Ciutadella and is due to open in the summer. Thus you will have two starting points in the future to get advice on real estate and location questions.

- Impressive house for sale from the 19th century (Menorca)

Menorca's residential real estate market in the forecast

The fact that Menorca is becoming increasingly popular as a real estate location can be tracked by many factors. On the one hand there is the development that in recent years the number of international flights that start in the direction of Menorca has continued to increase. On the other hand, Menorca is becoming more and more international. In addition, the island is at the center of a positive market development with a strong increase in real estate value.
Within one year, from 2017 to 2018, the number of visitors to the island increased by 8.1% compared to the previous year. Thanks to this increase, there are now 84 new flights from England, France, Finland, Switzerland and Slovakia to Menorca. The airlines were also encouraged to schedule Menorca as a fixed destination outside the tourist summer months.
The diverse qualities of Menorca are known around the world. Due to the immigration of international real estate buyers, the island itself is becoming more and more international. In 2017, around 31% of buyers came from England or Ireland. These buyers accounted for the largest share in 2017. Germans bought around 16.3% of the properties in Menorca in 2017. French buyers bought 10.8% of the houses, villas and apartments offered here. In the calendar year 2017, apart from the above-mentioned nationalities, it was mainly newcomers from Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Benelux and Scandinavia who decided to buy a property on the island.
The increasing demand on Menorca's real estate market is triggering a price trend, which creates a good starting point for real estate investments. In 2017, Menorca experienced a market shift, so that the Menorcan real estate market is currently dealing with a shortage of requests. Another relevant development is the limitation of the development options on the island. Many areas of Menorca have been declared nature reserves (and will remain so in the future). As a result, building permits or renovations are becoming increasingly difficult. Menorca is becoming more and more exclusive and thus the properties offered in Menorca are becoming more and more sought after and are increasing in value with each passing year.
These framework conditions create good options for a lucrative investment. However, a price trend can never be predicted with absolute certainty - but in the case of Menorca, the price forecasts for high quality real estate are relatively safe. As the island continues to gain in popularity and as building land on Menorca becomes more and more exclusive, one can actually speak of a secure investment here.
If you would like to get advice on real estate investments in Menorca or if you are interested in one of the houses or apartments offered for sale by Engel & Völkers, please contact our real estate agents on site.

In the event that you have not yet found a suitable property in Menorca in the Engel & Völkers online real estate portfolio, your Engel & Völkers real estate agent will find the right house or apartment for you based on your ideas.

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