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Six dream house ideas for today's perfect home

'Total Electric Living… where electricity does absolutely everything.' Back in the 1950s, a Westinghouse Appliances advertisement gave us ideas of what a dream home would look like and how it would function – an image not dissimilar to the smart homes of today. From this picture of convenience has emerged our modern ideal property, complete with sustainable technology, outdoor entertainment centres and a few other appealing aspects.

Here are a few dream house ideas that one might expect to see in today's forward-thinking properties.

- Six dream house ideas for today's perfect home

1. Smart home technology

Like the previous concept of 'total electric living', today’s most in-demand properties are fully connected to provide the most convenient and harmonious lifestyle. Smart home features may include everything from a Nest thermostat capable of increasing your energy efficiency through recognising your daily patterns, to security technology like outdoor motion sensors.


2. Environmental sustainability

Internet connectivity merges with sustainable building practices in today's properties, with smart devices encouraging homeowners to reduce energy usage. Green dream homes are constructed from recycled materials and feature useful mechanisms such as rainwater collection pools, hidden solar panels and vegetative landscaping that doubles as insulation.


3. Entertainment-ready garden spaces

Many dream house ideas focus on maximising outdoor spaces, particularly within an urban area. A prime example is this stylish villa enviably positioned at Amsterdam’s Vondelpark. Despite its inner city location, it affords residents an atmosphere of privacy thanks to its lush setting. A steel and glass garden house in the back gives way to a sun deck and jacuzzi on the roof, perfect for sunbathing and entertaining. Carefully landscaped areas on three sides of the property include plenty of seating areas for guests.


4. Location with a view

The dream home offers more than simple practicality; it also provides a sanctuary from the hectic pace of daily life. This stunning Majorca property showcases the island's turquoise waters and powdery white sands from a strategic vantage point, with a sun-drenched outdoor terrace maximising the sea views. Its hammocks and sun loungers invite you to spend time relaxing in front of the vista.


5. One-of-a-kind recreational facilities

Leisure-focused facilities such as swimming pools, home cinemas and tennis courts are classic must-haves in any ideal home. Yet dream home ideas may now also include slightly quirkier features like backyard wood-fired pizza ovens, basketball courts and built-in basement wine bars. It's all down to your personal preferences.


6. Serene bathroom interiors

Renovate your bathrooms to create an oasis of tranquillity and a spa-like ambience in the comfort of your own home. Dream home ideas for private spaces like this could include natural décor like succulent plants, bamboo and river stones, combined with airy accents like ivory-coloured bathroom tiles or monochrome shiplap walls. Underfloor heating and a vintage claw-foot bathtub are equally desirable features, or you could upgrade to an oversized jacuzzi bath.


What do you think of when we mention the perfect modern house? Whether you prefer a show-stopping, high-tech smart home or a charming hideaway that blends into its natural surroundings, one thing’s for certain: gone are the days of cookie-cutter suburbs. Dream house ideas allow more room for individual expression than ever before.

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