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The new smart office – the office of the future or of the present?

The smart office, as futuristic as it might sound, is not all that different from the already widespread smart home. It refers to an office that uses a range of apps to control various functions. This remote technology offers far-reaching advantages for both employers and employees.

- The new smart office – the office of the future or of the present?

The advantages of smart home technology are paving the way for the future and cover many different areas. Apps can be used to control certain electronic devices in your home, regulate the temperature via heating thermostats and access security systems. The smart home is not only about convenience and luxury, these technological innovations can also influence your security in a targeted manner. Apart from this, smart home technology also has a positive impact on your interior, as the associated devices are state-of-the-art and have a very modern design.

Smart technology at the office

Smart office technology can be used for the targeted control of office devices over the internet using an app. You could, for example, boot your computer even before entering the office. Now you might think that this is not particularly important as it only takes a few minutes anyway and will not have a big impact on your productivity. However, you should keep in mind that this not only applies to you, but to the entire office, every working day of the year. All in all, this simple improvement can significantly increase the productivity of your office.

But this is only the beginning of smart office technology. Of course, you can also regulate the office temperature remotely on your way to work, as you can for your smart home. This is particularly useful in erratic weather and changing outdoor temperatures, as it will ensure a warm office even if the weather is colder than expected.

Smart office technology is especially smart when it comes to using work stations and conference rooms efficiently - specifically if not all employees have fixed work stations. It is very easy to integrate the work schedules of several employees, while infrared technology can identify whether a work station is currently in use. If work areas are assigned and reserved on this basis, this could lead to enormous cost savings, as vacancy is avoided. Free space can immediately and efficiently be used for other purposes. 

Security comes first

Smart office technology is particularly effective as regards security. On the one hand, smoke detectors can be hooked up directly to the local fire department. Any open doors and windows can be closed remotely. Furthermore, your alarm system can alert you about occurrences via app or mobile phone in the case of emergencies. The alarm system will notify you immediately and you can contact the police with the push of a button.

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