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Villas, single family homes and rustic houses in Menorca - the Balearic Island is becoming increasingly popular with prospective buyers

Real estate buyers, who are looking for high-quality houses away from tourism, are increasingly attracted to Menorca. The real estate agents at Engel & Völkers have long since recognized the potential of original and therefore authentic landscapes and have been providing first-class villas and breathtaking rustic houses to demanding customers in Menorca for over a decade.

The global interest in real estate sales on the beautiful Balearic island has been increasingly growing for two years now. In 2017, 84 new flight connections to Menorca were offered, and more will be added this year from France, Norway and Sweden. This means that new groups of buyers discover Menorca for themselves and want to create their own little paradise here with the purchase of a villa or rustic house here. As a leading real estate broker in the placement of premium real estate, Engel & Völkers has access to the most beautiful villas on the island, which we showcase in our portfolio. Surely one of our numerous villas or impressive rustic houses will make your heart beat faster. Engel & Völkers real estate agents have noted that the heightened interest in Menorca's real estate since 2017 has led to a market shift with more buyers than offers. The reduced real estate inventory and the stringent requirements for construction projects and renovations lead to an increase in prices for high-quality villas and rustic houses in prime locations. For comparison, in 2016, the average price of real estate sold by Engel & Völkers was 850,000 euros. Last year, it had already reached 1.3 million euros. The forecast by Engel & Völkers is therefore: Property prices have risen by 15% in the last two years and we expect this trend to continue this year, especially for top-class villas and properties that guarantee seclusion and sea views. In this segment Engel & Völkers also starts a new construction project of 20 villas with breathtaking sea views in the south-east Sant Tomàs. The starting price is 900,000 euros. Accordingly, buying a property is a worthwhile investment right now.

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Menorca is an excellent location for the purchase of your new property

If you buy a wonderful villa or rustic house in Menorca, you will make an excellent choice, because even though life here is more tranquil than on the neighboring islands, Menorca has many facets and therefore offers something for every taste. While the north is characterized by mountains, rather rugged stretches of land and rugged coastlines, the south offers gentler rolling hills and long white sandy beaches.

Particularly noteworthy are the over 10 total underwater caves and 50 grottos that can be found on the island and some of which carrye dimensions that leave a lasting impression. This applies, among others, to the Cova d'es Coloms, which is called "the cathedral" due to its size.

UNESCO declared Menorca a Biosphere Reserve in 1993. Since then, large parts of the island have been protected by nature and landscape conservation, which preserved many undeveloped beaches and landscapes. Consequently, villa owners can still enjoy the original nature on walks, hikes or dips in the turquoise waters. Especially recommended is a horseback ride on the Camí de Cavalls, an ancient path that originally followed the Menorcan coast, led around the island and of which today many sections are still preserved. In general, the strict rules of construction in Menorca mean that the island, which is generally very green, has remained largely untouched by tourism and has thus retained its authentic appearance, for which it is valued. Especially secluded villas with their spacious plots offer a much appreciated privacy aspect among prospective buyers.

Impressive are also the monuments and buildings of bygone times Menorca, which inspire not only archeology friends. Among other prehistoric settlements you can admire the Naveta des Tudons, one of the most outstanding monuments of the Balearic Islands and one of the oldest monuments in Europe. With the purchase of a villa or rustic house on Menorca, you will not least come into the daily enjoyment of the exquisite Menorcan cuisine. As an expression of a rich tradition, it has its origins in the influences of many cultures that have contributed to their gastronomic diversity over the centuries. The Arabic and Catalan cuisine of the Middle Ages belongs as much to her legacy as the influence of nearby France; this unique blend establishes Menorca's culinary reputation, making the island a foodie's paradise.

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