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Monte Urgull

 San Sebastián, Spain
- Monte Urgull Begiratokiko baluartea battery.jpg

Majestic Monte Urgull

The tranquil retreat of Monte Urgull offers exceptional towering views over the Old City and the beaches of San Sebastian. This vast public park is covered in lush trees with charming walkways and historical structures. 

Opening hours:  May 1 to September 30 are from 8 am to 9 pm while hours from October 1 to April 30 are from 8 am to 7:30 pm.

 San Sebastián, Spain
- Monte Urgull Mota Castle.jpg


Due to Monte Urgull’s topography and location it was used as a military fortress in the 12th century. The walls of the Castillo de Mota were threatened by furious assaults in the succeeding periods. 

In 1794, the city defeated, it surrendered to the French and, in 1813, its citizens helplessly looked on to a raging fire in what is now the city’s Old Quarter, resulting from the battle between French fighters and Anglo-Portuguese troops. 

These days, you can walk up the stairs and wander down the promenades to learn about and appreciate Monte Urgull’s history.

 San Sebastián, Spain
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Trails- Best Ways to Walk Up

You can find four trail routes around Monte Urgull with starting points from the Paseo Nuevo, the Paseo de Los Curas, and at the back of the Basílica de Santa María del Coro. These roads are not too steep, making it easily accessible and convenient for adults and children alike. You will find helpful signposts along the routes to guide you.

 San Sebastián, Spain
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How Long Is The Walk Up?

If you’re walking up the entire hill, you will cover about four kilometers. You may finish in about an hour or two if you’re going to make some stops and take photos along the way. When walking directly without stopping, it may take about 30 to 50 minutes to get to the top, depending on your pace.

 San Sebastián, Spain
- Monte Urgull, statue jesus christ at mota castle san sebastian.jpg

Viewing Point at Mirador del Cementerio de Los Ingleses

Beside the path that starts in the Paseo Nuevo promenade is the Mirador del Cementerio de Los Ingleses, also known as the English Cemetery. A well known destination in San Sebastian, some believe that the British soldiers who died in the Carlist Wars were buried here. Others also say that this cemetery was built over a mass grave where French fighters were buried.

 San Sebastián, Spain
- Monte Urgull Mota Castle Views.jpg

Mota Castle

Located on top of the hill, the Castle of Mota is a favorite location among many Monte Urgull visitors. Inside, you can find a historical museum, known as the Casa de la Historia de Urgull, where you can learn all about the location’s extraordinary history of over 800 years. Entrance is free of charge.

A tall statue of Jesus Christ (12 meters high) is perched atop Monte Urgull, and can be seen from six kilometers out at sea.

 San Sebastián, Spain
- mount urgull san sebastian.jpg

Bateria de Bardocas

While batteries were built on Monte Urgull as protection from assaults made at sea, the ever-serene Bateria de Bardocas and its similar historic landmarks have become a tranquil location where visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city and its surrounding waters. 

 San Sebastián, Spain
- Monte Urgull Damen bateria desde Aquarium.jpg

Begiratokiko Baluartea

Another scenic observation point is the Begiratokiko Baluartea, a historic fortress that affords a different perspective of the surrounding city and its beaches. 

 San Sebastián, Spain
- Monte Urgull Santiago bateria.jpg

Santiago Bateria

Known as the “Macho” to San Sebastian locals, this well-loved viewing point offers lush trees, sprawling lawns, and a relaxing park that allows visitors to hold picnics and enjoy a short siesta. 


 San Sebastián, Spain
- mount urgull looking to san sebastian port.jpg

Damen Bateria

Brimming with history, the Damen Bateria or the La Bateria de la Damas offers lookout points where you can revel in the strong waves splashing against the breaker wall. In earlier years women who came to search for water often crossed paths with soldiers in this military area, hence the name “The Ladies’ Battery.”

 San Sebastián, Spain
- mount urgull la concha bay san sebastian donostia.jpg

Where to Park

The Paseo Nuevo, also known as the San Sebastian New Promenade, is a spectacular walkway surrounding the entire Monte Urgull. Starting from the Aquarium and ending at the Old Town, it forms a circle around Monte Urgull. The Paseo Nuevo is an ideal location to park your car when visiting this hill. Parking fees are charged at an hourly rate. 

When driving or taking a taxi from the República Argentina Kalea, driving through the Pasealeku Berria may take you around 12 minutes to reach Paseo Nuevo while going through the Frantzia Pasealekua may take 15 minutes or more, depending on the traffic. 

 San Sebastián, Spain
- mount urgull to la concha bay san sebastian.jpg

Bar in Monte Urgull

Simply known as The Bar on Monte Urgull they offer a remarkable selection of Basque beers for visitors wanting to take a relaxing break and revel in the exceptional views of San Sebastian. Its affordable prices and comfy outdoor seating has made this laidback hideaway a favourite among many.  In addition, the breathtaking views at sunset are not to be missed.

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