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Rustic houses and modern apartments for sale in Conxo, Santiago de Compostela

Located on the southwest of the Old City, Conxo covers an area of residential development, commercials districts, agricultural fields, and patches of woodlands. It is situated along the major transportation routes into Santiago de Compostela. The proximity to the city centre and the charming countryside living offers a balanced convenient lifestyle.

Conxo is close to the University of Santiago de Compostela and other educational facilities in the local district. One of which is Escuela Infantil Municipal de Conxo in Plaza de Aurelio Aguirre which provides preschool and primary education.  A well-reviewed public school in Santiago is Colexio Público Cardeal Quiroga Palacios located in Rúa de Villaldía.

Visit the cultural scenes in Concho and experience Galician tradition of the nativity in Belén familiar de Conxo or take the family for a relaxing hike by the river in Merendero a Orillas del Sar.  With wooden benches and drinking fountains, bond with your family while enjoying the refreshing park.

For the discerning palates, several restaurants provide fine dining experiences. Restaurante Barrigola serves a variety of exquisite Galician home cooking dishes, breakfast, and desserts. Dine were pilgrims go in Rúa do Campo de Conxo, Pulpería, Churrasquería, Restaurante Fuentes offers a comfortable and friendly ambience, and the restaurant serves one of the tastiest octopus dishes in town.

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Enjoy good drinks in the popular bars and pubs of Conxo.  For your friendly neighbourhood bar, Cafe Bar Caiman provides a relaxing venue where you can watch games and enjoy good coffee and fine sandwiches, while Bar Marlo is a charming destination with friendly service and delicious tapas, burgers, and coffee.  For a fiesta vibe with good tapas and beer, Bar Piñón on Praza da Nsa. Sra. da Mercé de Conxo has a very friendly atmosphere where kids can stay.

For daily grocery needs, Supermercado Gadis on Rúa de García Prieto provides good quality products in a very good location.

Many apartments in Conxo offer spacious modern living that is close to the city’s commercial districts.  Rustic houses are also available for a more relaxed countryside lifestyle.

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