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Modern flats and apartments for sale in Concheiros / Fontiñas Santiago

Concheiros / Fontiñas is an area of modern buildings situated around large open spaces and refreshing parks.  It is located at the heart of the commercial district where commercial establishments and modern housing blend with green surroundings to provide a laid back modern lifestyle.

Several parks provide lovely areas for relaxation.  With shady trees and colourful flower gardens, Parque do Cotaredo has a playground ideal for children and pathways to walk dogs. Parque Urbanización Compostela is a small but well-maintained park where you can play tennis, enjoy a pleasant stroll or jog and watch the Galician sunset in the distant hills. A popular destination for the families, Parque de Nenos de Belvís is a huge park and playground with lush meadows, well-maintained gardens, perfect for picnics or just enjoying some quiet time with nature’s refreshing breeze.

Grocery shopping is very accessible at Supermercado Melia at Av. de Quiroga Palacios, where you can find fresh-baked bread and other household items. For a family day at the mall, visit Área Central and AS Cancelas - two large shopping centres with a wide range of brand name shops, restaurants and cafes, free wifi, and an arcade for children. 

Dining options include Restaurante A Maceta with contemporary food creations and excellent service, Restaurante A Moa which serves authentic Galician dishes with vegetarian and vegan options, and English-speaking Casa de Xantar O Dezaseis which boasts comfortable interiors, courteous staff, quality Galician cuisine at a reasonable price.

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Pub Momo in Rúa da Virxe da Cerca is popular among tourists and locals alike, for its eclectic interior design, with cozy and relaxing ambience, folk art installations, quirky paintings, colourful mosaics, al fresco seating, but their fame lies on their wide selection of beer and free tapas. Cafe Bar Costa Brava is very popular among the younger crowds, for their edgy house music and laid back ambience, there are arcade games and a pool table for friendly competitions.  A Tasquiña de San Pedro in Rúa da Cruz de San Pedro is also one of the recommended pubs in Concheiros. Located in the middle of a busy intersection, it is a perfect spot to relax, soak in the late afternoon sun, enjoy a glass of ice-cold beer, and watch the parade go by.

Available housing in Concheiros / Fontiñas consists mostly of modern flats with easy access to commercial establishments, shopping centres, and supermarkets.

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