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Collect art and hang it in style

If you’re an art lover, there are few things more enjoyable than immersing yourself in an art gallery or collection – better still, an art collection which is yours to keep, curated by yourself exactly to your tastes. Here are some art display ideas and guiding principles for selecting and displaying the pieces in your home collection.

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- So stellen Sie Ihre Kunstsammlung stilvoll zur Schau

Establish a budget

Similar to property hunting, the search for a piece of art to add to your collection is usually guided by budget. Establish a range or an exact amount you will not exceed and then begin looking in your budget area. If you start hunting without a budget, you may find yourself disappointed if you can’t afford the original you’ve set your heart on.

Find what works in your home

You may have quite varied tastes – from Master’s works and original oil paintings, to Impressionist visions and niche contemporary artworks. While many styles may look stunning when viewed in situ at an art gallery, not all will work within your home. Evaluate the space you have to collect art, not only to gauge the size of the works you might purchase but the style too. You may find that although you love dark oil paintings, something lively, from the contemporary end of your taste spectrum, may well fit better with the overall feel of your home. In other words, you should never force art upon the space.

Hang it correctly

Art should usually be hung around eye level, and should be given the right amount of space, never overcrowded. For 3D art and sculptures space is also essential; these should be placed at an appropriate distance from other objects in the room so as to give them scale. Visiting your favourite galleries should be an inspiration for how to hang your own art, learning from those who’ve studied the art of art display.

 Sant Just Desvern
- So stellen Sie Ihre Kunstsammlung stilvoll zur Schau

Light it well

Even extremely light-sensitive originals are never completely unlit in a gallery. When you collect art, you should be careful to light it in the right way. Install lights mounted around your painting, or lights with a dimmer for art which requires a more atmospheric light to be appreciated. Another art display idea is to hang the piece in good natural light, where the changing light of the day will have a positive effect on how the piece is viewed.

Be sure that you love it

Your interior should be an expression of yourself. Although critical acclaim certainly affects the value of your collected art display, it shouldn’t be the only guiding principle in your collection. Collect art because it speaks to you, captures an emotion or moment that touches you, or simply takes your breath away. Although you should consider how your new art piece will fit within your existing collection if you have one, an eclectic collection that resonates with you is more fascinating and personally valuable. Adding different genres to the same space is perfectly workable if you look at scale and try to find one binding element that will make them look cohesive next to one another.

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