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Do you know what style of pool fits your best?

The design of swimming pools is constantly evolving and we can enjoy multiple styles...

From the classic pools that are transported mentally to movie theatre mansions, to overflowing pools in environmental spaces that are connected to the landscape, to natural pools where you can submerge in a safe environment or a minimalist high-perfection with the building.

The first doubt that is presented is the one that will be the most appropriate for the future.

In this article, Engel&Völkers Sant Just in collaboration with Taller de Paisatge, we offer you some recommendations ...​

Well, there are several criteria, related to each other, which can be predetermined or not, take into account to specify the design of a group:

• Style, how to start at the beginning.

• Those who want to give, swim, play the games, update...

• The colour that is displayed (which is not exactly the colour of the recovery material of the pool).

• The materials of the coating and the crown.

• The location, measurement and form within the available space.

• The necessary accessories scale, lights, facilities,

• The interior of the pool.

• No, the ticket and maintenance costs.

In this article, I will focus on the style and the articles close to the rest.

 Sant Just Desvern
- TDP_petit.png
 Sant Just Desvern
- 110.-Can-Torrents-26.jpg

In both the design and the materials used, a pool should be in accordance with the style of the rest of the garden and the house. For example, a pool of very straight and micro cement lines will be out of place with a very organic garden such as an English or tropical type, while a kidney-shaped pool with tile border and stone edge will never be placed on a property of minimalist cut.

 Sant Just Desvern
- TDP026-estilo_piscinas-1-1024x768.jpg

The classic pools, simple, regular or kidney shaped, are usually wild and fit in all kinds of spaces, both for the building and the type of garden. They are usually tile or painted in blue tones.

 Sant Just Desvern
- 106.-Sta-agnes-2-1.jpg

But if we want to give a more personal touch, daring and integrated with the landscape, it is better to adjust exactly to the style of it.

 Sant Just Desvern
- TDP026-estilo_piscinas-2.jpg

The most modern or contemporary pools usually fit well with refined, more minimalist buildings and open, sober gardens. They can be made with more modern materials such as micro cement, with more aggressive colours such as gray, or electric blue and with more disproportionate shapes such as for example in the form of a channel.

 Sant Just Desvern
- TDP026-estilo_piscinas-3.jpg

Within this typology we could classify the overflowing pools that fuse the distant sea with the next water or offer a beautiful frame where to frame the landscape, in blue tones lighter than the sea usually give a very good image. Although it is not necessary to have a sea bottom, the city, a forest, or the farm's own garden can be a good scenic background.

 Sant Just Desvern
- TDP026-estilo_piscinas-4.jpg

The urban mini-pools in attics or terraces is an upward trend in the cities, are usually prefabricated, are installed • elevated, and are very well lined with wood, complemented by a pergola, chillout or urban solarium.

 Sant Just Desvern
- TDP026-estilo_piscinas-5.jpg

Naturalized, natural or ecological pools are those that use plants for the purification process. They are usually given a more tin or lagoon look than pool, being wonderfully integrated into natural gardens, more English looking.

 Sant Just Desvern
- TDP026-estilo_piscinas-6.jpg

Also in a more natural style, we find sand pools.

These are a new concept of tailor-made pools that can be adapted to any space that provides a pleasant and very natural environment easily integrated with the garden. Constructed with materials of natural appearance, of clear sand tones, they obtain an effect really similar to having a beach in house, for that reason it goes very well to tropical or Mediterranean gardens.

 Sant Just Desvern
- TDP026-estilo_piscinas-7.jpg

And we will end with a more rustic, mountain or country style, in which the setting with stones, more greenish colours and more natural forms contribute to a good integration.

 Sant Just Desvern
- 119.-disseny-supermaresme-14.jpg
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