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How to make your own seasonal scents for your home

On top of some skilled interior design, fragrance is one of the key ways you can transform your home. Even without a garden, you can still enjoy the scents of nature by creating home fragrances that evoke the aromas of the seasons.

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- Want an easy way to create a cosy atmosphere for the holidays? Find out how with our guide to home fragrance.

How can you create scents?

You can bring scents into your home in a variety of different DIY ways, depending on how much crafting you’re prepared to do, which option for diffusing the scent looks best with your décor, and how you’ll use the scented items once you’ve made them. On the whole, it’s a wise idea to steer clear of chemical fragrances and air fresheners, and opt for natural ingredients instead.

You can make a scented candle by mixing essential oils into your wax after you’ve melted it, before going on to set it into the shape you want. When you burn the wick, the fragrance of the oils will be released into the air. For a pop of colour, you can add some non-toxic wax crayons to your mixture.

You can also make a simple reed diffuser, which uses natural reeds to impart the scent into the air. After creating a blend of essential oils you love, you simply add baby oil and drop in the reeds, and the subtle aroma will gradually fill your home.

A gelatin scent jar acts as a solid air freshener you can turn on and off by simply opening or closing the lid. Again it uses essential oils, but this time mixed with packs of gelatin that you then set in a decorative jar of your choice.

Finally, you can create your own potpourri by drying out some of your favourite flowers and foliage in the oven, and spritzing it with a mixture of water and essential oils.

What are the best seasonal scents?

Now you know some of the ways to make home fragrance, you can match your scent to the season, or deliberately mismatch so you can feel like it’s spring all year round – it’s up to you. So, what fragrances are best for each seasonal effect?

The fresh scents of spring are unmistakable, and newly opened flowers have a sweet smell you can capture for your home. Any blossom fragrance is going to make your interior smell springlike.

For a summery aroma, the tangy scent of citrus works wonders. You can use the fragrance of all kinds of fruits, as well as the coconut scent reminiscent of suntan lotion and beach cocktails to really bring sunshine to mind.

Fall smells always begin with pumpkin – it’s the foundation fragrance of the season. You can also add some fallen leaves if you make potpourri, to evoke romantic walks in red-tinged forests.

And in the winter, you can go wild with the Christmas scents at the same time as you put up your holiday decorations. Cinnamon, cranberries and pines are all typical and much-loved winter scents.

Thanks to the deep psychological importance of smell, scenting your home can be a simpler route to creating a seasonal atmosphere than redecorating for the time of year.

With just a few ingredients and an afternoon, you too can bring the outside in.

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