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Outdoor fireplaces and stoves: Take advantage of your terrace also in winter!

Why do we think that the terraces are only for good weather? Fortunately, almost all of this country, we enjoy some mild winters to enjoy outdoor life all year.

In this article, Engel&Völkers Sant Just in collaboration with Taller de Paisatge, we offer you some recommendations ...

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A good design of the outer space and some suitable accessories can help you get more out of your terrace and take advantage of it in all seasons. How? We give you some first examples.

We started with exterior fireplaces that are ideal for gardens, pool areas and perfect for outdoor terraces and pergolas.

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An outdoor fireplace can fulfil a triple function: to give warmth to an outdoor living room in winter or summer evenings, to be a decorative and lighting element • lighting, and finally, if the design allows it, to serve barbecue all year round. In summary, it is a luxury solution that provides use, heat, ambience and illumination.

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If designing your terrace or your garden is already taken into account, and instead of locating, for example, the barbecue in a secluded area of ​​the garden, crazy in a central place and not at high altitude, you can easily combine these uses.

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Regarding materials, we would basically speak of chimneys (with refractory brick, stone, concrete, iron, steel, ...) and portable chimneys, more of design, which are also resistant to inclement weather.

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And with regard to combustion, in addition to the traditional firewood or charcoal, we find a wide variety of design chimneys, mainly decorative, gas, to highlight those of bio ethanol.

Bio ethanol is a bio fuel that only releases water vapour and the same CO2 that a candle generates. It is clean, economical, and ecological and does not smell, and thanks to this system you can make spectacular designs that combined with unique architectural environments give rise to dream spaces.

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Another solution perhaps less romantic but more practical are the stoves and heaters that have been so popular on the terraces of our cities, whether fixed or mobile, electric or gas.

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There is a wide variety of designs more suitable for home use ranging from traditional fixed stoves to super-daring mobile designs that transform the way exterior heating is understood as it becomes a decorative element.

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The advantages are that you should not take this element into account when designing the space, you can change it and it can be stored in the storage room when it is not required. Yes, there are designs so spectacular that you may never want to pick them up.

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