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Almería, Game of Thrones filming location

Almeria is experiencing a time of splendour as far as tourism is concerned. After the popularity enjoyed by the city and the desert of Tabernas during the 60s and 70s thanks to the large number of 'westerns' that were filmed there, today it has returned with even more force as some of this city's locations appeared in the popular American HBO series, 'Game of Thrones'.

Top locations in Almería for filming Game of Thrones

The producers of the most popular series of all time chose Almería for filming during the sixth season. The particular place they chose was El Chorrillo, in Sierra Alhamilla, the scene that was to represent the city of Vaes Dothrak in the imaginary world of Game of Thrones. Those who have watched the scenes in which these locations appear or follow the books will know that it is the only fixed point of the dreaded Dothraki gerreros, which are nomadic.

During the same season, the cameras in charge of the recording of Game of Thrones travelled to the Table Tower Roldán of Cabo de Gata. In particular, this location served to give life to the city of Meereen. The scene, pertaining to the last chapter of the sixth annual season of the series, in which Drogo, the most important amongst the dragons of Khaleesi, perches on and passes through the annals of historic audiovisual.

The last Almerian location that appears in Game of Thrones, at least for the moment, is Alcazaba, which comes to accommodate fiction to Sunsepear, the capital of the Kingdom of Dorne. In this place they have a celebrated encounter between Varis, the messenger of Khaleesi, Ellaria Arena, the mistress of Oberyn Martell, and Olenna Tyrell with the purpose of joining forces against Cersei Lannister. A scene also very much remembered for its role during the course of the seventh season.

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The impact of filming Game of Thrones on Almería

Cinema tourism, although it had not penetrated deeply and did not seem to be a palpable reality not too long ago, has become an absolute certainty after the Game of Thrones in cities like Almeria. In fact, the dawn of this trend began to be palpable after the great success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, although now it has returned with more force than ever.

The data affirm that, after the filming of the Game of Thrones in Almería and the subsequent publication of the chapters in which these locations appear, the tourist visits to the city, both nationally and internationally, have grown by more or less 20%. It is not surprising that, according to this data, the Spain Film Commission continues to push hard for the series to return to Spain as soon as possible.

But what have these excellent tourist figures been translated into? The truth is that, first of all, the hotel occupancy of the city has seen its most optimistic forecasts greatly improved. Likewise, the property purchase market has also been affected. In fact, more and more are attracted by the undeniable charm that the city gives off through the series and opt on buying a second residence in Almeria.

To this we must add that, by buying a second residence, either for their holidays or as a buy to let, they can enjoy a city that, in economic terms, is cheaper than other cities and is also within a short distance from natural scenery next to the Mediterranean of Cabo de Gata.

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