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Simple ideas for decorating an office

For many people, an office can practically become a second home. No, we are not talking about spending most of the day in these cubicles, but about feeling almost as comfortable in them as you are at home.

For this to happen, it is very important to enjoy a good working climate, reasonable working hours and, of course, a decor that invites you to stay longer in the office. If you want to give a makeover to your office workspace, take note of these simple decorative ideas.

The first big tendency is to maximise the natural light that comes in the office. Not all buildings enjoy the same brightness but there are sure to be several points for natural light to enter in your work space.

It is best to avoid using any furniture that obstructs the natural light, since it contributes to creating more diaphanous and pleasant spaces. This is complemented by the reduction of existing furniture, leaving only the essential cabinets and tables in place. In fact, it is an adaptation of the Nordic minimalism philosophy to the decor of the office.

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Another option that works for the offices of the leading companies is to choose the most modern design. It is not about being extravagant but daring, with somewhat garish colours and unconventional furniture without causing distractions or discomfort. The furniture can share the same colour as the walls, while the lights should be fully integrated into the ceiling or walls.

This decorative design would also include placing unusual features, such as a water fountain similar to a fountain or paintings and / abstract sculptures.

Of course, a classic decor can not be ruled out in the office because it will never go out of style. In order to give the office a more traditional touch, it is necessary to give greater importance to the furniture that's entirely made of wood and is of large size.

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The possible inclusion of pictorial landscape paintings to enhance the character of the office space, using neutral colours for the walls and flooring together with the installation of carpets in the main offices or in the meeting rooms can be contemplated. This decorative style is most suitable in small offices. 

As a last great option, we can only mention the growing interest in Zen decoration. The Zen decorative design seeks to create a harmonious and silent atmosphere. 

The exposed stone, especially on the walls, furniture with a simple and smooth cut, the details of natural inspiration and neutral colours are all its main features.

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