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Spain, expats' second favourite country

The fact that Spain is a country with the highest life expectancy, quality of life and health status of its citizens have made the Iberian country the second favourite destination for expatriates as per the Expat Explorer 2017. This report was prepared by the research department of the HSBC bank that collected information from 27,500 people.

More precisely, this report puts Spain in the second place just behind New Zealand in the list of countries as the best place to live in within the category of "Experience". This scale is based on an expatriate survey in which 73 per cent said they live better in Spain than in their countries of origin. With this data, Spain rises to position number 17 (out of a total of 65) in general life quality, as per the Expat Explorer 2017 report.
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Regarding the breakdown of the survey, it focused on the following aspects:

  • The physical health status of citizens.
  • Activity and dynamism of the working society.
  • The living conditions for the retired and retirement.
  • The healthcare services.

Out of all the responses, the fact that 91% of expatriates say they feel welcome by Spanish society (which qualifies as friendly) and 52 per cent of them consider it very easy to make friends in Spain. Expats' families also highlight that the relationship between cost and quality of education in Spain is very good, in fact, at a general level, the Spanish education system is considered one of the ten best in the world.

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Another interesting fact that the report offers is the statistics of expatriates who have decided to start a business in Spain. In just one year, the volume of companies created by foreigners increased from 8 per cent to 24 per cent. Of all the new entrepreneurs, the survey showed 82 per cent showed were satisfied by the progress of their business and also the improvement of their own quality of life.

But if Spain is an ideal destination for any expatriate, then it must be the same for the retired. In fact, 44 per cent of people who move to Spain are over 55 years old, while the world average is 22 per cent. The reasons why Spain is the ideal destination to retire are due to its pleasant climate, great cuisine, quality and price of property as well as good public and private services.En cuanto al desglose de la encuesta, ésta se centró en los siguientes aspectos:

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