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Tips on buying a family home

If enjoying a comfortable home is essential in the life of any person, when it comes to families the characteristics of the house in which its members live together are even more transcendental. If we also take into account the circumstances as important as extending the family, we will be even more aware of the importance of having a series of factors before buying a family home.

Although the real needs can vary greatly depending on the number of people who make up the family, the truth is that when buying this type of house, size will be of great importance. Planning in advance can help calculate the ideal size, taking into account the number of members or possible combinations according to their age and sex.

This can serve as a basis for establishing the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms. You can then approximately calculate the number of recommended square metres.

In addition to size, the floor layout can be another essential factor. In a family home it is highly recommended to opt for open and spacious rooms, making the most of the space, the hallway and other separating spaces between the rooms.

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In case of large families, however large the size of the house, it will always end up being small, negatively influencing coexistence if a rational floor layout is not chosen.

Another particularly relevant aspect in the purchase of a family-type home is the location. Choosing a strategic area, equipped with all the essential services for the daily life of the different members of the family, will avoid many dislikes at a later stage. Green areas, schools and health centres or businesses are some of those essential amenities for family members.

There are other aspects that do not strictly belong to the interior of the property, but that provide an important added value to any family home, because they increase the quality of its household members' life. These are facilities such as communal gardens, terraces or pools that children can use.

Finally, when it comes to buying a family home, it is worthwhile to obtain information on some tax advantages that are accessible in some Autonomous Communities. Factors such as the number of members in the family, the rental value of the specific home may imply tax deductions and bonuses on some taxes such as the Real Estate Tax (IBI).

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