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Best ways to position and organise your desk in your home office

One of the great advantages of working from home is that you can choose your own home office setup; select exactly the décor, view and organisation of your workspace. You rarely have control over things like layout in a company office, but at home you can arrange your home office so that you maximise your productivity.

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- Best ways to position and organize your desk in your home office

The 'power position' 

One of the best home office desk ideas is to utilise the ‘power position’, one of the principles of Feng Shui which can be applied to the home office set up. The principle states that from your desk you should be able to see anyone entering your office. You should have this view without placing yourself directly in front of the door and thus interrupting the flow. The ideal position, according to this method, is at a diagonal, at the back of the room and facing the door so you can see the whole space.

Alternative positions

Of course, there may be factors limiting your home office set-up. So if you aren’t able to utilise the ‘power position’ to enhance your feeling of importance and productivity, you should consider other options. 

Diagonal placement of desks is known to encourage creativity, but if you’re looking to save space, you may opt for a built-in desk along the wall. If placing your desk in ‘power position’ will compromise your lighting, you might want to move your desk a little close to a natural light source, which is better for your eyes. Alternatively you can get bright, warm-toned lights for your office and arrange these so you won’t ever find yourself working in awkward half-light.  

The outlook

When it comes to home office organisation, your vista should reflect how you work best. Feng Shui principles dictate you should have a pleasant and inspiring view, suggesting that facing a blank wall may lead you to feel like you are often bumping into obstacles. Some people, however, do prefer to work facing into a wall or corner as the space has no distractions, enabling quick and effective thinking. Others will find looking directly out of the window to be much more inspiring, rather than distracting. If this is the case, you should base your home office set up around the window in the room.

On the desk

Your home office desk organisation is a balancing act between having everything you need within easy reach, and not over-cluttering your working space. Ideally, everything you use daily should be within arm’s reach, so you don’t find yourself walking across the room regularly for a reference text or address book. If you prefer to have your desk surface empty and distraction-free, investing in a swivel-style office chair with wheels will allow you to utilise shelves or filing cabinets behind you, having all of your essentials at a reachable distance, without needing to stand. 

Degrees of separation

When working from home, it’s important to get the separation right between work and personal life. Ideally you should get dressed for work in the morning, arrange and keep to your office hours, and be able to shut the door to the rest of the house. You may wish to post your office hours on your door so other family members know when not to disturb you. This isn’t always possible if your office space is multi-functional, in which case you’ll want to create clear delineation in the room, with furniture or curtains creating a distinct barrier. While it’s sometimes nice to have a photo of your loved ones nearby in the office, try not to overcrowd with cosy, family images and instead foster a productive mind with inspiring, work-related imagery.

Once you’ve curated your home office desk ideas, there are plenty of tips on how to ensure you’re ready mentally to work effectively in your home office space on our website.

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