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Teen bedroom ideas: teen furniture - practical and personal

The teenage years are a great and exciting time. During this phase of life, we develop into independent individuals with own interests, preferences and ideas. A teen bedroom is a place of activity and must meet diverse demands. These 5 tips by Engel & Völkers will help you find inspiration on how to decorate your teenager’s bedroom.

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- Teen bedroom ideas – practical and personal

1. Teen bedroom ideas: Everyone to his own taste

When decorating a teen bedroom, the most important thing to keep in mind is that: this is not your room, it is the room of your child. The room should reflect the interests of the person living in it - especially during this phase of life when individuality is sought. For this reason, use decor, pictures, photo wallpaper, colours and items that match the taste and preferences of your child, and actively involve your child in the process.

2. A place of retreat

When looking at teen bedroom ideas, remember that it is essential to create a place of retreat. The teenage years are a time of change and significant development. That is why it is important to have a space of your own in which to relax and feel good. A good idea would be to include a second resting area in addition to the bed, for example a couch, an easy chair or even a hanging chair.

3. An organised workspace

A teen bedroom needs to cater for a variety of needs and meet certain requirements. You could even say it is a multi-purpose room. A place for your teenager not only to relax, but also to work from. Ideally, the desk should not be too large, but offer sufficient space to work from comfortably. Moreover, furnish the room with vertical storage space so that the desk remains uncluttered.

4. Ensure sufficient storage space

Teens work, sleep and relax in their rooms, so it is important to integrate items and documents from all aspects of their life into the room. Nothing keeps a room more tidy than sufficient storage space. After all, everything your child owns should be able to fit into the room. What is important in this regard is that you take into account the different shapes and sizes of your child’s possessions and provide an appropriate space for everything. Teen bedroom furniture is multi-functional, making it easy to integrate hidden storage areas.

5. Guests are always welcome

As you know, your child spends much of its time with friends, perhaps even daily. These contacts are very important for your child, not only for personal reasons, but also for doing schoolwork together. Furnish the teen bedroom with as many seating possibilities as possible so that your child and its friends can spread out comfortably in the room.

But the single most important teen bedroom idea is: that of your child. Individuality plays a decisive role in teenage years, and your child will appreciate the room all the more if it had a say in how it was decorated.

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