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The dream of having an indoor sauna

Winter is coming, and the colder it gets, the more we long for warmth, relaxation and well-being. During this time of year, it seems that cold and flu are our constant companions. Why not do something good for yourself and increase the value of your property at the same time? Having your own indoor sauna will allow you to escape from the cold and boost your health as well. The benefits of regular sauna use cannot be overemphasised: According to the publication “Sauna Therapy” by Dr Lawrence Wilson, the increased blood flow to the skin stimulates cell regeneration, strengthens the immune system, and burns up to 500 calories in 20 minutes due to the accelerated heartbeat. If you want to boost your health, a home sauna is thus highly recommendable. Here are a few tips on what to observe when choosing and installing a sauna, as well as information on available designs.

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- The dream of having an indoor sauna

Indoor sauna prerequisites

When choosing a location for the home sauna, the basement is often quite suitable, as this space is often not used. Before commencing with installation, it is recommendable to consult an expert who can tell you what needs to be observed with regard to building requirements. These include a suitable floor construction and proper ventilation to prevent mould from occurring as a result of the high humidity. The actual layout of the room plays a minor role. Ideally, the user should have the possibility to lie down in the sauna. If the room does not permit this, rather use a different location for the home sauna. If there is insufficient space, you could also opt for a portable sauna or a sauna that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Many manufacturers offer sauna sets that you can install yourself. This, however, requires certain manual skills and knowledge of the precise requirements. 

Apart from the location, it is also important to choose the right materials. Not all wood is suitable for saunas. Canadian hemlock and Scandinavian spruce are known for their ability to store heat and humidity, making them ideal. It is recommendable to use poplar wood and obeche for the sauna benches, as this type of wood is knotless, resin-free, non-splintering and can withstand the high temperature fluctuations. As far as the heater is concerned, you can either use a wood or an electric sauna stove. Seeing that the wood stove must be ventilated and requires a constant supply of wood, it is usually more practical to use an electric sauna stove instead. This is especially recommendable if the sauna is installed in the basement, as basements rarely have good ventilation. This is another good reason to consult an expert for advice first.

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- The dream of having an indoor sauna

Home sauna designs – spectacular, traditional or modern 

Once you have clarified these fundamental technical details, it is time to choose a design. Apart from traditional saunas, there are also spectacular designs reminiscent of softly curving caves, as well as modern designs with clear lines and lots of glass. Some home saunas boast large panoramic windows with views of the surrounding landscape, while others are kept to a bare minimum and only offer space for one person. Tired of wood? Use tiles instead. Here, too, you are spoilt for choice: from Moroccan mosaic tiles to modern natural tiles, there is something for every taste.

The luxury of having a home sauna is not as far-fetched as it might sound. Treat yourself to your own wellness oasis, and winter will soon become your favourite time of year.

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