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How to reach your personal development goals in a successful

Have you achieved all the New Year’s personal and career resolutions you set for 2017? For many of us, the answer will be a sheepish 'no'. But with a set of personal development goals tailored to you, created using SMART and SWOT techniques, you can achieve more next year than in the past few combined.

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- How to reach your personal development goals in a successful 2018

SWOT analysis

First utilise SWOT analysis to take stock of your situation and find the way forward. 

SWOT stands for 'Strengths', 'Weaknesses', 'Opportunities' and 'Threats' and it’s the ideal way to set the scene for a highly successful 12 months. In a single document, list your key strengths in one column, any weaknesses you know you suffer from in a second, the opportunities you think you have access to in the third and any threats to your success you can think of in the fourth. 

Seeing all of these factors together will help you to plan for the year ahead, giving you a clear indication of what you need to work on, what you need to be wary of and what chances are yours for the taking.

SMART goals

SMART goals are part of an efficient and manageable personal development plan to put you in control of your career. SMART stands for 'Specific', 'Measureable', 'Achievable', 'Relevant' and 'Time-bound'. 

  • 'Specific' simply means they are clear and defined, so you’ll know exactly when you’ve reached them. 
  • 'Measurable' goals are ones you can quantify. For example, you might  be aiming for a higher number of views on your website or want to sell a certain amount of properties. 
  • Goals that are also 'achievable' at the same time as being ambitious will keep you motivated and constantly moving forward. 
  • To reach your personal and career objectives, you’ll need to ensure your personal development goals are truly 'relevant' to the outcome you want and won’t see you sidetracked. 
  • Finally, your goals must be 'time-bound', with a window in which you aim to achieve each one. This prevents you from getting stuck in a rut and wasting time you could be using to push your career forward.

  • Combat procrastination

    While SMART and SWOT will help you to draw up your personal development plan and give you a path to achieving your goals, it’s important to be disciplined in other key ways to keep yourself on track, otherwise all you have is a wish list.

    It's worth planning your week out in advance, leaving time aside for the unexpected, so you can keep track of your achievements as you go along. Focused work is vital, so allow yourself a set amount of time each day with no distractions and work on each task until it’s done. Multi-tasking can be distracting when it comes to getting anything finished, so learn to switch off when you need to, or install some apps that will help you manage your time. 

    Go the extra mile

    Do one additional thing every day that brings you closer to your personal development goals, whether that’s making a new contact, attending a networking event, or brushing up on property insights. You can also take advantage of Engel & Völkers' experience and extensive expertise in the field to give you a head start on marketing your portfolio in 2018. Learn more about your career opportunities at Engel & Völkers in this article!

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