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10 ideas for updating your kitchen on a budget

When you think of home remodelling, you may associate this task with spending a lot of money and having to put up with lots of noise, dirt, and builders coming and going to and fro your house. If the remodelling is going to take place in the kitchen, the decision becomes even more complicated. This is an important room that cannot be out of use for too long. However, a number of changes can be made that will make the kitchen look different. Here are 10 ideas to update the kitchen without spending much money:

1. Brand new flooring without any effort

If the old floor is level, it is feasible to install new flooring over the old one. The material can be vinyl, ceramic tile, stone or wood. Keep in mind that, in order to make up for the raised floor, the doors must be sanded thoroughly.

2. Change the blinds

Old blinds are difficult to clean. In order to modernise the appearance of the kitchen, using "screens" is one of the best aesthetic decisions that can be made. These screens will not only make the window look better, but they are also easier to clean and allow more natural light to enter the room.

3. Paint the tiles

If the kitchen is tiled, it will be a very cumbersome and expensive process to change. There are specific paints for this material with which the appearance of the kitchen will change completely. There is a fairly wide range of colours to choose from in order to suit the rest of the kitchen's features. 

4. Paint the old furniture

By giving your old furniture a new face-lift, you will not only keep them in perfect condition but their appearance will also be improved. They can be painted with acrylic or synthetic varnish without any advance preparation.

5. Refurbish the sink

In addition to bringing personality to the kitchen, the new kitchen taps are capable of saving up to 50% water consumption. This is a change that does not require much work and is not very expensive.

6. Improve lighting

Adequate lighting will make the kitchen look different. The use of LED bulbs will significantly reduce energy consumption and will last much longer than other light bulbs.

7. Change the colour of the walls

This is a simple change and very easy to carry out. It is best to use acrylic paint, which is resistant to grease and moisture.

8 Replace the hob

The hob usually takes up a lot of space in the kitchen so changing it to a new one will be a good idea. There are many different types of hobs available on the market. 

9 Refurbish cabinet doors

Keeping the old cabinets and just changing their doors will be much cheaper as long as they are in good condition. 

10 Install windowsills to protect the walls

The place where the cooker is located in has more chance of getting stained. Windowsills protect the walls from oil splashes and prevent them from getting greasy.

8 Sustituir la encimera

La encimera suele ocupar, aunque no lo aparente, mucha superficie de la cocina, al cambiarla por otra nueva dará la sensación de ser nueva. Son muchas las posibilidades y los materiales que se encuentran en el mercado.

9 Renovar los frentes de los armarios

Mantener la estructura y sustituir solamente las puertas es mucho más barato y se puede aprovechar todo el esqueleto, si está en buen estado.

10 Instalar un antepecho para proteger las paredes

El lugar donde se sitúan los fogones es el más sufrido y el que tiene más posibilidades de mancharse. Los antepechos protegen las paredes de salpicaduras de aceite y evitan que se manchen de grasa y, además, decoran.


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