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Decoration: Big ideas for small spaces

The two essential characteristics that make a home cosy and beautiful are based on its spaciousness and brightness. Light is of vital importance to enjoy any corner of the property and space is essential for living comfortably. These two factors are very important and are related to each other, because light can optically widen the size, for example, of your living room.
Take in the following ideas and practical tips and take advantage of the different spaces in your home to make them look bigger than they really are.

Do not cover the windows

Natural light passes through the windows so they are great allies, but what should not be done is having them covered. If it is necessary to enhance a small sized room, it is best to leave the windows free of curtains as only large rooms can benefit from the luxury of tall curtains.

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Clear furniture space

You have to be more practical and convince yourself that a nice decoration does not consist of filling everything with furniture and decorative objects. The furniture that does not serve you any use must be thrown away. Only include those items that have several functions, such as a side table for storing things on.

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Use Mirrors

One of the easiest tricks is to use mirrors to make small spaces look bigger. Do your own experiments and play with them in order to take advantage of their possibilities. This way, you will see that the mirrors are able to redistribute the light and make the walls look bigger.

Organise bulky furniture

The entrance of any room must be clear and the largest and most colourful furniture should be placed in the background. Similarly, reorganise the rest of the furniture and distribute it throughout the room in an equitable way so that it does not focus on a particular place.

Camouflage furniture with paint

Another simple trick is to camouflage or disguise the presence of some furniture so that there is no visual heaviness. The way to do it is to paint the wall the same colour as the furniture so that it integrates better and does not have the perception that it takes away too much space. The same happens with some objects that are not decorative but necessary, such as radiators, which can give rise to a visual sensation of disorganisation and clutter.

Clear the unnecessary furniture

Not all rooms have to be necessarily full of furniture and objects. There are spaces that simply need to be cleared so you don't feel claustrophobic when entering the room or even feel annoyed.

Escape the overloaded decorations

It is not necessary to overload a room with excessive decoration. When a room is riddled with large pieces of decoration, the walls seem to shrink in size. Respect the spaces you have available and opt for a less risky decoration.

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