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The 7 habits of highly efficient people

Some of the people you come across at your workplace or university can be more efficient than you. Did you know that this is due to a series of attitudes they experience in their life? Specifically, there are seven habits that you can adopt in your daily life if you want to be like these people and optimise every second of your time.

1. Be Proactive

Proactivity is an attitude from which you will take control of your behaviour and dare to carry out creative actions that will have positive impact on you and those you work with. It is the ideal way to use your freedom to achieve your goals.

2. Have an end in mind

It is better to set a goal first. This means that before undertaking any task, you must be clear about the end result you want to reach and what you expect to achieve. This will allow you to make better decisions and stay away from unimportant matters. 

3. First things first

You must give priority to what is really important. You may want to invest some of your time in activities that are of significance and leave them for your leisure time.

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4. Think about winning, winning and winning again

If you give up half way, it is clear that you will never achieve your goals. Therefore, it is important that, from the outset, you undertake any project or task with the idea that you will do well. And if it doesn't go well, nothing happens. After all, we all make mistakes and have to face reality. The point is to get up, learn from mistakes and keep looking for victory.

5. Understand if you want to be understood

No one is going to be interested in your problems if you won't take the time to understand them. So, even though you do not think you need it right now, it's important that you keep a sympathetic attitude toward your peers and those around you. You may need their help in the future.

6. Synergise

Directly connected with the previous point. Synergising can be defined as 'teaming', that is, maintaining the necessary attitudes to achieve goals marked both individually and as a group.

7. Sharpen the saw

This expression is used to determine the capacity of renewing oneself physically, mentally and spiritually in order to maintain a balance between all the dimensions of one's being. In this way, you will be efficient in all those roles that you must carry out in your life ( as an employee, boss, husband, father, etc.).

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