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From Villefranche-sur-Mer to Menton: the unique French Riviera

Nestled between Nice and Menton along the Italian border, the Côte d'Azur is a region punctuated by small, typical towns with a resolutely Mediterranean charm. By following along the lower coastline, you will discover the jewels that adorn this natural crown with its steep landscape that borders the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Are you planning to invest in real estate on the coast between Villefranche-sur-Mer and Menton? Let us guide you to discover your next home’s destination...

The coastal villages of the French Riviera: a balcony overlooking the sea

Imagine a myriad of Provençal villages scattered along the seafront. Imagine the earthy ochre color of the rocks punctuated by touches of green, lilac, and yellow plunging into the azure blue sea like a painted masterpiece. Imagine opening your shutters every morning to this unique show of color gradients that change from bright to dark depending on the season. How about living to the rhythm of the murmuring waves? Let yourself be enchanted by sunsets with their many luminous reflections that fade away at the horizon between the sky and the sea. All this is easily accessible from the many towns and villages along this beautiful coastline.

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Make no mistake about the apparent resemblance between the seaside resorts that pigment this delightful coastal shore. Villefranche-sur-MerEzeMenton, and Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, each have different influences. As a reminder that the sea is not the only attraction in this magical place, the landscape outlines tall mountains in the background. From your apartment or house, you can choose between: water or snow sports.

In these atypical villages, many artists like Jean Cocteau have left a part of their soul there, having fallen under their spell in the blink of an eye. In these inspiring places, authors and painters immortalize the beauty of the landscapes with a stroke of their brush. In fact, there are many cultural events that punctuate the seasons. How about you? Will you be inspired by these splendid seaside towns to find your future home or apartment?

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Villefranche-sur-Mer, the French Riviera at its finest

Known worldwide for its famous harbor, Villefranche-sur-Mer settled down close to Nice. Its citadel, a remnant of past strongholds, still stands in a prominent location in front of the seafront and the walkway along the coast promises an unforgettable stroll. As soon as you set your suitcases down in this city, the great La Marinière beach is ready to welcome you. You will most likely want to dive into the crystal clear sea gently rippling in and out.

Here, the streets are paved alleyways. The tall houses form a frame around the maze that is the city centre, with sometimes ochre or yellow colored facades. A waterfront apartment will give you a direct view of the port. However, if you prefer a luxury home, you will have to retreat to the higher ground just a few minutes away. A pine forest surrounds Villefranche-sur-Mer where Cocteau left a cherished heritage.

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Beaulieu-sur-Mer, symbol of the French Riviera

Beaulieu-sur-Mer has always been renowned for attracting the world's wealthiest people since the Belle Époque. As proof, there is the superb Ephrussi de Rothschild villa, all in pink, and the Kerylos villa, a recreation of an ancient Roman villa. This location has undoubtedly appealed to royal figures of the past with its charming fine sandy beaches and its two ports where sharp and luxurious yachts are moored. Its charm works its magic as soon as you step foot in the city.

With its casino and luxury boutiques, the city plays to its strengths. It is without a doubt the century-old olive trees found almost everywhere and the exotic coastal vegetation that add the extra touch that makes one’s hearts swing. Your future apartment is probably located in this pretty and elegant little town. Whether for a holiday rental or a real estate investment in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, it is up to you to choose how you want to experience this small, high-end port town.

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Eze, a natural setting in the heart of the French Riviera

Planted on a rocky spur overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Eze is a town of exceptional beauty. Its rocks, as if carved by hand, ease along a gentle slope and end their journey gently into the sea. If you are looking for small shaded beaches immersed in wild and preserved vegetation, you will be more than satisfied. The relaxed way of life rhythms the seasons. How about buying your next villa in Eze?


Here, the streets are lined with colorful fences and perfumed air coming from the splendid villas with their pink and ochre facades. Jasmine, lemon, and mandarin trees scent the air at every corner. Not to mention the bougainvilleas and wisteria found in every garden. Eze's calm and tranquil setting will undoubtedly seduce you. Want to live in nature's haven in the heart of the French Riviera?

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Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, the prestigious and authentic French Riviera

When you arrive in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, the first thing that strikes you is the yachts alongside the small boats swaying at the will of the waves scattered in the bay. The stroll around the city's cape offers a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean and the sumptuous villas by the sea. Here, nature is still in the limelight with no less than 9 gardens, from the most exotic to the most intriguing, which color the city.

The opulent facades of the beautiful period houses as well as those of the high-end buildings set the tone from the moment you arrive. Will you opt for a terrace apartment with a breathtaking view of the bay or for one of the sumptuous villas for sale in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat?

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Cap d'Ail, Monaco's neighbor

Long since attached to La Turbie, Cap d'Ail is located adjacent to Monaco. The luxury of the principality has undoubtedly spilled over into this small coastal town with its elegant fragrance. The seaside offers exceptional beaches, including the private beach La Mala, a real jewel of the coast. The crystalline sea gently washes up against the rocks along the coastal path bordered by a typically Mediterranean vegetation. 

The marina is home to its residents’ impressive yachts and leisure boats along with visiting yachtsmen. The high-end villas are dispersed between the coast and the surrounding area. Whether a Cap D'ail apartment on the seafront or a luxury villa, everything is possible to accommodate your desires. Would you like to live near Monaco without living in the hustle and bustle of the city?

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Beausoleil, a breathtaking view of the French Riviera and Monaco

Beausoleil embraces Monaco and overhangs the city from a rocky spur. From this particular geographical location, a unique panorama of the Principality can be seen at the foot of the city as it extends into the Mediterranean Sea. The view extends to the Italian border and continues on the other side towards Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

In a prominent location, the town is generously sunny all year round, from which it takes its name. Both Beausoleil apartments and villas benefit from such a proximity to Monaco and an unobstructed view to the coast. Being a very popular place, the town prides itself on hosting very beautiful Belle Époque style buildings and some more modern ones with refined lines.

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Menton, the gateway to Italy

Menton is distinguished by its tranquil setting. A perfect holiday destination for a time of rejuvenation, the city has everything you need to live a pleasant life. The fresh sea air brings a temperate summer air and moderates winter weather. This particularly pleasant microclimate has made it home to many retired people. Buying a villa or apartment in Menton is therefore like settling in a haven of peace.

The lemon festival is only one of the many events that punctuate the year. A cultural city by excellence, Menton offers a varied and exciting calendar of festivities. The lemon city is adorned with magnificent luxury properties and individual homes with refined architecture. Want to move to Menton?

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Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, nature in the very heart of the French Riviera

Bordering Menton, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin has some beautiful beaches along the coast. From the coastal path lost in a lush pine forest to the Le Corbusier site, nature is very present in this charming commune. Here again, the Roquebrune-Cap-Martin's real estate market is very popular. Its proximity to Menton and the Italian border undoubtedly play a major role in attracting people to this quiet little town.

As you stroll through the streets, you will probably be surprised by the contrast that this town has to offer. Between its ancient vestiges and its more recent buildings, a combination of a wide range of architectural styles give it its charm and reputation. If you like litterature, its book festival is very well known. When will you packing your bags for this little piece of paradise?

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