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Bahamas Yacht Charter

Bahamas Yacht Charter

Drift into paradise with a Bahamas luxury yacht charter through Engels & Völkers Yachting. Breathe in the tropical air and island-hop in style on a crewed motor yacht charter in the Bahamas, or put the canvas up and sail the trade winds on a sailing yacht charter in the Bahamas. 

With over 700 islands to explore, you could spend a happy lifetime floating through the swirling white sands and sapphire seas of the Bahamas, dropping anchor off sleepy atolls, eating lobster at waterfront restaurants, and diving vibrant reefs. Deciding where to go first, however, can be a challenge. Will it the Exumas archipelago, with the famous swimming pigs and Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, or the outer Abaco Islands, where historic lighthouses stand guard over sugar-white beaches?

Perhaps the glitzy high life of Paradise Island calls your name, or maybe you’d be suited to the quieter pace of Hemingway’s in Bimini, or the sport fishing paradise of the Berry Islands. There’s also the pristine, largely uninhabited Andros Island, perched on the edge of the world’s third-largest barrier reef. And then, of course, there’s dreamy Eleuthera, famed for its pretty pink sands and pastel-painted houses.

So, where will it be on your crewed motor yacht charter in the Bahamas? Here’s a breakdown of each of the archipelagos so you can plan the Bahamas yacht charter itinerary of your dreams through Engels & Völkers Yachting.

Nassau and Paradise Island Yacht Charter

The majority of crewed motor yacht charters in the Bahamas begin at Paradise Island, a glittering playground of casinos and celebrity chef restaurants just off the coast of Nassau, the nation’s capital. Nassau also offers some sensational beaches, boutique shopping, and world-class golf courses, everything you need to indulge in the good life before setting sail into the vivid turquoise waters of the Bahamas. 

Exumas Yacht Charter

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One of the most popular archipelagos for Bahamas luxury yacht charters, the Exumas chain dazzles with activities for charter guests. No-one will ever forget watching the famous pigs of Big Major Cay swimming out to the yacht, or floating through Thunderball Grotto, where the James Bond film Thunderball was set. On a sailing yacht charter in the Bahamas, swim with nurse sharks at Compass Cay and snorkel over a smuggler’s plane at Norman’s Cay, or just spend long, blissful days in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, where every anchorage, coastal walk and snorkel spot is more perfect than the last. Those on a longer charter will also be able to cruise down to Musha Cay, a string of exquisitely pristine private islands owned by the magician David Copperfield, and then down to Great Exuma. 

Eleuthera & Harbour Island Yacht Charter

Easily combined with an Exumas yacht charter, Eleuthera is a yachting oasis of pale pink sand beaches, exceptional diving, and waving coconut palms. Offshore, Spanish Wells offers some of the most spectacular diving and fishing on the planet as well as the awe-inspiring experience of Current Cut, while charmingly chic Harbour Island is often referred to as the ‘St Barts of the Bahamas’ for its pretty pastel painted houses surrounded by bougainvillea and its upscale restaurants, such as plantation-style hotel, The Landing. 

Abaco Yacht Charter

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Time stands still on the Abaco Islands, one of the great yachting destinations of the Bahamas. This tranquil paradise was a haven for displaced Loyalists after the American Revolution, who built Cape Cod-style houses and lighthouses behind sandy beaches of staggering perfection. On a Bahamas yacht charter in the Abacos, you’ll stroll through charming colonial towns, play golf at Treasure Cay, and snorkel with green turtles on the barrier reef. Enjoy luxury beach picnics on deserted sand cays, kayak through mangrove forests, and go big game fishing for wahoo and marlin. Above all, start each day diving off the back of the yacht into some of the bluest, clearest water you will ever swim in.

Bimini Yacht Charter

If you’re looking for a laid-back escape into Bahamian life in an area where fishing, snorkelling and eating conch fritters mark the rhythm of passing days, then set your course for Bimini. Bimini is famous for being the erstwhile home of Ernest Hemingway as well as for its sensational sport fishing, which brings enthusiasts from around the world. There’s a sleepy, almost ramshackle air to Bimini which has a romance all of its own, although the new Hilton Resort has brought a heady touch of glamour to the island. Fish, read in a hammock, snorkel off the yacht, dive for conch, swim with stingrays, dive a shipwreck, and repeat. You won’t get more relaxed than this. 

Berry Islands Yacht Charter

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A full day’s cruise southeast from Bimini, you’ll discover the remote archipelago of the Berry Islands, a collection of 30 largely uninhabited cays where you can drop anchor and swim ashore to stunning beaches unmarked by a single footprint. Chub Cay in the Berry Islands is considered the ‘Billfish Capital of the Bahamas’ for its proximity to the Tongue of the Ocean Great Bahama Canyon. Yet for all the deserted beaches and adrenaline-fuelled game fishing, the island chain has a luxury side too, as Great Harbour Cay has a superb marina and golf course which has been attracting the Hollywood jet-set since Cary Grant and Brigitte Bardot holidayed here. 

Andros Island Yacht Charter

Andros Island, the largest of the Bahamas islands, is perched on the edge of the Tongue of the Ocean, where the world’s third-largest barrier reef falls away 1800 metres into a vast ocean trench. This makes Andros a hotspot for deep sea fishing and diving, but the island also offers the best bonefishing on earth in the shallows. As if that’s not enough, back on land you’ll discover a beautiful landscape of mahogany and pine forests, mangroves, and 30 different species of orchids. Andros is a place to escape the world, order a rum cocktail…and dream of living this life forever. 

A crewed motor yacht charter in the Bahamas or Bahamas sailing yacht charter opens up a spectacular world of possibility, as you cruise between these islands of paradise on your own floating island. Engels & Völkers yachting has significant experience organising luxury yacht charters in the Bahamas and will help you craft the Bahamas yachting vacation of a lifetime. 

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