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7 Questions to ask when choosing a Yacht Brokerage Agency

Location is everything - Where are you based?

The best brokerage houses are always in the mist ofthe major yachting hubs. It’s important to look at the location and strategy ofwhy and where they set-up shop.

Engel & Völkers Yachting French Riviera selectedNice as its first location to be in the middle of two of the most influential yachtingspots in the French Riviera, Monaco and Antibes. The right location means theright network, which will be a big bonus when you put your yacht on themarket. 

Secondly, it's important that your yacht will be given opportunities to be visitedon Open Days and participate in yachting shows. Make sure to ask whichtypes of events your yacht will be given exposure to.

Engel & Völkers Yachting French Rivieraparticipates in many Open Days in the Côte d'Azur and some of the world’s mostfamous yachting shows, including the Monaco Yacht Show and the Cannes YachtingFestival.

What will theyprovide that no one else will?

Just like the other top five brokerage houses, Engel& Völkers Yachting French Riviera has fostered strong relationships withinthe yachting industry. On top of that, unlike the competing brokerage houses,we have a network outside of the traditional yachting industry.

Becoming an Engel & Völkers client means you haveaccess to our pool of over a million clients worldwide, where a majority ofEngel & Völkers Yachting clients’ find interested buyers for their yachts.Bringing together both of these networks and adding in our unparalleledportfolio of offline and online advertising measures ensures a successfuloutcome.  

Engel &Völkers has a large network that worksin the advantage of the client; with a powerhouse of 7,000 people and about 50per cent of inquires come from within the E&V network, you are sure to seeresults.

What is your CommunicationStyle?

Reachability is important, depending on your style of communication, you willeither want constant updates or to be notified when something of merithappens.  You need to find a broker thatis compatible to your style of communication.

Who are yourreferences, and can I contact them?

Those before youcan tell you what to expect, whether it's the good, the bad, or the ugly.

Someone who hashad a previous experience with a company you're looking into is sometimes thebest way to get the answers toyour questions.

Relationships& Corporate culture?

Observation isthe way to figure things out, it means the agency works in harmony and has a goodcorporate culture which allows them to achieve success in everything they do.

What will it costme to sell my yacht?

If you’re theclient, why are you being charged so much? Make sure that you are getting yourmoney's worth of service, but also make sure that you are not paying more thanyou should!

What do you do interms of marketing?

Marketing is ahuge part of the selling equation, it should be something to look closely atwhen you’re in the selection process. The brokerage house should work with someof the top yachting websites and magazines. Engel & Völkers Yachtingpublishes on the top yachting websites including, Yatco, Yachtworld, BoatInternational and Enautia and has a strong presence on social media.

The brokerage shouldalso reach outside the traditional yachting network and look to other outletsin the luxury industry. One example of how Engel & Völkers does this isthrough the GG magazine. Focusing on lifestyle, travel, personalities, andpremium real estate, the magazine is distributed worldwide throughout the Engel& Völkers network and is published in a multitude of languages that allows usto reach a broader audience.

Hope to see you soon in the French Riviera!

Engel & Völkers Yachting French Riviera Team

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