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The Best way to say Thank You is with a cold beer onboard a superyacht!

Like previous years, Engel & Völkers Yachting hosted several events during the Monaco Yacht Show. This year, in addition to a special yearly evening cocktail, Engel & Völkers Yachting hosted a delicious beer tasting for close industry contacts to enjoy a fun and relaxing moment together during the hustle and bustle of the Monaco Yacht Show.

The event took place onboard the 51-meter motorsailer, Aresteas on Thursday 27th September and was organized in collaboration with Blue Coast Brewing.  

A delicious beer produced in the South of France which uses only the finest ingredients, the team of Blue Coast Brewery introduced guests to three of their signature brews: Blonde, Amber Ale and IPA. This trio was created especially for the French market and is described as a selection of seasonal inspired flavors while honouring the craft brewing trend. Natasha Frost-Savio, co-founder of Blue Coast Brewing Company, personally attended the event with brewer Robert Bush and her husband Roberto Savio.

Among the yachting industry partners and business contacts, the majority of the Engel & Völkers Cote d’Azur premium real estate team was also onboard. “Collaborating with the Engel & Völkers network is one of the most powerful tools we have, and we ensure that every opportunity we have to do so is put into place,” explained Anissa. 

Engel & Völkers Yachting specializes in sales and purchase of superyachts as well as luxury yacht charter. Acting as a powerhouse of service for its clients, Engel & Völkers also has premium divisions in real estate and private aviation.

In case you missed out on our beer tasting, here are some tips on How to Taste Beer:

The perfect pour

Pour the beer into a clean glass. Any glass will do, but a tulip glass is best. If there’s a lot of carbonation, tilt the glass to make sure the head of the beer isn’t too large. If there’s low carbonation, pour the beer straight into the center of the glass to agitate the beer enough to give it a head of foam.

Smell the roses, or in this case the beer

Swirl the beer around in the glass and put your nose right in there. Inhale several times. Warm it up in your hands to release more aromas if you need to by cupping the part of the cup where the liquid is. If you’re still having trouble, put your palm over the top of the glass and swirl for a few seconds, trapping the aromas in the glass. Then smell.

Check it out

Hold your glass up to a light and tilt it a little. Check out the colour, whether it’s clear or hazy, and how much of a head stays on the top of the beer. You can expect different looks for different styles, and the only way to know them all is to practice (drink).

Back to the smells

Swirl it up again and stick your nose back in it. The beer will be more agitated and warmer after the first three steps. Note the differences from the first smell.


Finally, it’s time to take a sip. Take in just enough to coat your mouth. When you swallow, keep your mouth closed and exhale through your nose. Take note of the initial flavours you notice, the intermediate flavours, and the aftertaste.

Taste, again

Take one more sip, this time focusing on the weight of the beer. Compare it to other beers of the same style you’ve had before.


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- Monaco Yacht Show 2018 - Engel & Völkers Yachting

Thank You to Blue Coast Brewery, as our guests did not just receive a quality brew, but they received a memorable experience.


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