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What are some advantages of having an apartment on the top floor?

Top floor apartments are often perceived in a negative way due to the rising summer heat or their particularly high purchase price. These disadvantages, however, are not always true, and an apartment on the top floor can also have many advantages.

A real estate property bathed in natural light

In general, it is the first noticeable and attractive aspect when visiting an apartment on the top floor. Whether it has a bay window or spacious windows, you can immediately see that light comes in from all sides. It is much more pleasant to live in daylight than in artificial lighting. On the top floor, you are certain not to ever run out of it. The higher your building is, the brighter your apartment will be. 

This is logical, since by gaining height, you gradually eliminate the opposite surrounding buildings that hide the sun from you on the lower floors. By living on the top floor, you are generally able to enjoy a breathtaking view of the surroundings. All the monuments and iconic buildings of your city, if they stand tall, will certainly be visible from your balcony or terrace. If you live near the mountains or the sea, you should also be able to enjoy a view.
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A calm apartment in the city center

In the city, living high up creates a natural border with the urban hustle and bustle that reigns in public spaces and on the street. First of all, it provides an opportunity to isolate oneself from air pollution. Since polluted air is generally denser, it is more concentrated around ground level than at several tens of meters above sea level. 

Moreover, what applies to pollution also applies to noise. Noise pollution from non-stop urban activity, particularly from car traffic, fades away the higher you are. Up there, the sound of engines and horns will be divided by two or three before reaching your ears. It's simple: living on the top floor of a building is the safest way to forget that you live in the city. You'll not only enjoy the peace and quiet but also the many advantages of living in the city center. Difficult to find a better compromise between calm and excitement!

An apartment with an unobstructed view

When you live on the first floor of a building you just might have the wandering eyes of passers-by and your many neighbors in your living room. This lack of privacy can turn out to be a difficult situation in the long run. By living on the top floor, you most likely won't have anything obstructing your view across from the window, and you won't ever have the impression that people you don't know are prying into your private life. 

Moreover, since you won't have any neighbors immediately above you, you won't be subject the sometimes-incessant noise that comes with being so close. 

Guaranteed added-value for your real-estate property

When benefiting from all these advantages on a daily basis, it can really be life-changing, meaning that apartments on the top floor are generally significantly more expensive than those on lower floors. They also represent a promising real estate transaction. The higher the price means that they are becoming more and more desirable, while in our city centers, they aren't increasing in number. 

If your goal is to achieve financial capital gain over a few years, investing in an apartment on the top floor is an additional guarantee. In addition, you will most likely have a large terrace or private access to the roof, which gives it even more charm, and therefore increases its value later on. Nowadays, living and working in an urban city center is a luxury. Doing so in a sunny and peaceful setting is an even bigger luxury! 
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