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Smart home devices: what are the benefits for your property?

In your house or apartment, all household appliances will soon benefit from the innovations offered by new smart devices. Specialised events, such as CES in Las Vegas, are an opportunity for creative and engineering professionals to demonstrate their latest inventions and technological developments. Smart devices offer added value for your home and can solve real consumer challenges. So, what can smart devices bring to your property?

More security for you and your property

The main appeal of smart home devices for consumers is security. Being permanently connected to your home provides full control of its access, even when you are away or absent for an extended period of time. Our good old keys are being made obsolete by digital locks paired with a smartphone. They can be set to unlock on a specified date and time, by individuals previously selected by the homeowner. No need to provide a key copy to nannies, cleaners or AirBnB guests.

Domestic risks are not only limited to trespassing. Whilst on a long vacation, a simple leak can be disastrous for your home and your personal finances. A company has therefore developed a floor leak detector, to be placed under a sink, a dishwasher or in the bathroom, which alerts you via your smartphone when in contact with the slightest drop of water. You will then be able to take the necessary measures and avoid further damage.

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Optimise the comfort of your home interior

Home automation is undoubtedly the sector with the most interest in using smart devices. Device connectivity has encouraged the emergence of autonomous products that are optimising our living spaces. Lighting was the first feature to be developed. Softened, coloured and controlled from a central point, lighting is now customisable and allows you to manage and limit your power consumption. Smart bulbs can be set for a gentle and progressive awakening and some connected lighting can even act as a fragrance diffuser!

In the field of home automation, the promise of increased comfort often goes hand in hand with saving energy. Connected roof window sensors continually measure ambient air properties such as temperature, Co2 concentration or air humidity. They also control the opening or closing of Velux windows, as well as shutters or blinds to maintain a healthy and pleasant environment. These roof windows can be controlled via your smartphone in real time.

A connected home for more energy savings and sustainability

The difference between a gadget that we get bored of very quickly and a real sustainable innovation lies in its usefulness. Our society, concerned about its legacy for future generations, is more and more sensitive to its environmental impact. Smart home devices bring real added value in terms of energy savings. Many of them offer effective solutions to reduce our consumption, while facilitating our everyday lives. Smart lighting is an emblematic example but many devices intend to dispute its monopoly. Two of them deserve special attention.

The connected, programmable thermostat, allows you to set heating ranges to enjoy the benefits of a hot shower after a long absence without keeping your boiler on when it is not necessary. The smart plug charges your smartphone only for the time needed then turns off the power. Also, it can be activated when movement is detected or on demand, in anticipation of an imminent return or arrival.

Controlling our energy consumption, protecting our housing or improving comfort are now concerns that can be dealt with using smart home devices. What will their future applications look like? As their usage continues to grow, it is anyone’s guess...

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