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What is an attic apartment?

The term attic is not yet very familiar to the general public when it comes to architecture. In fact, it is just beginning to appear on brochures promoting the advantages of new housing programs. This word, whose etymological origin comes from Greek-Latin roots, generally refers to the upper part that crowns a building. This includes both the attic of an arc de triomphe and a classic apartment building. Here are some of the elements that make up what are now considered to be "attic or top-floor apartments", properties that are in high demand on the real estate market.

Rare properties in the real estate market

The attic, understood as the upper part of a building, can take on many different forms. It may be an additional floor that will act as a damping effect on a facade, but it may also be an elevated floor that is decorated with columns and built above a tall building.
It is clear from these definitions that height is the most characteristic feature of an attic apartment. In fact, these rare properties have the major advantage of including a terrace, which sometimes measures up to the total surface area of the apartment. This explains why these flats are commonly referred to as penthouses or terrace apartments. Such an exceptional layout gives attic apartments the feeling of a being in a house that is perched in the air, from which you can escape all the commotion of the city down below.
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The attic apartment, a real alternative to an independent house

Nowadays, densifying urban areas has become one of public authorities' main priorities in terms of housing. More and more major high-rise real estate developments are emerging in our cities, aimed at limiting the growth of outlying city areas and reduce taking land used for agriculture. Now, the golden age of the single-family home, characterized by neighborhoods of block style pavilions that have flourished since the 1960s, seems to be behind us. In this respect, attic apartments seem to be an ideal alternative, combining the advantages of individual and collective housing.
The beautifully sized terraces provided by top-floors are a perfect substitute for gardens in individual homes. In reality, it is easy to set up a small vegetable garden, an inflatable swimming pool for children and a barbecue if the building's bylaws allow it. In addition, the attic apartment offers all the advantages of collective housing, such as property fee sharing, ease of maintenance, and security in case of burglary. If, in addition, a garage service is offered with the building, it is a combination of all the advantages of individual and collective living.

A very sought-after and unconventional real estate property

With such an advantageous profile, it goes without saying that an attic apartment is a property highly sought after by both investors and tenants. With increased daylight, the absence of neighbors above, the distance from street noise, and generally the absence overlooking buildings, there are several reasons for acquiring this type of property.
However, it is well known that anything considered rare is expensive, and an attic apartment is no exception. In fact, for the same surface area and location, it will be sold around 30% more expensive than another apartment at market price. This is the price to pay for access to a private outdoor space, often with a panoramic view of the surroundings. Furthermore, the developers have fully understood the prestige aspect that they can gain from such apartments.
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