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Real estate guide in Paris 11th arrondissement

The 11th arrondissement of Paris is one of the most lively and sought after areas in the capital.

Real Estate investors rush to Oberkampf/Republique

Bastille, the festive area of the 11th arrondissement

South Belleville, a cosmopolitan hub of the 11th arrondissement

Nation, the gateway to Paris in the 11th arrondissement

Investing in real estate in the 11th arrondissement

The 11th arrondissement of Paris is one of the most lively and sought after areas in the capital.

Between the Nation and Bastille squares, Paris 11th arrondissement is a historic part of the capital which has played a central role in the city’s revolutionary history.

The 11th was built between suburbs: the Temple suburb in the north and Saint-Antoine in the south .

Officially created in 1860, numerous businesses and artisans invested in the 11th to make it what it is today: one of the most sought after places to invest in Parisian real estate.

The architecture in the 11th remains relatively heterogeneous, with Haussmannian buildings, more modern builds and larger complexes. Located on the city’s right bank, the 11th is very well connected to the rest of the city by major metro lines such as the 1, 5, 8 and 9.

The 11th is one of the most built up areas of Paris. It is a favourite cosmopolitan meeting point, where tourists, students and young professionals go out to party, have a drink or go shopping on the rue de Charonne and the rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine.

Indeed, the 11th is the ideal place to try a new trendy address or to go to the opera at the huge and famous Bastille opera house.

This neighbourhood attracts a relatively young population but is also home to an older population and families.

The 11th is made up of 4 main areas: Oberkampf/Republique, Bastille, Nation and South Belleville.

Paris - Immobilier Paris 11ème arrondissement - Bataclan - Engel Volkers

Real Estate investors rush to Oberkampf/Republique

The Oberkampf area is famous for its festive atmosphere, bars and nightclubs open until the break of dawn. Popular among students and young professionals, Oberkampf is a favourite spot for Parisians who like to dance the night away.

Oberkampf is an artistic and cultural hub, that is also renowned for its street art, where you can see some of Paris’ finest examples of these large, colourful frescos. In addition to this are the numerous concert halls such as the Bataclan, that has hosted a number of world famous artists from Lou Reed to Prince.

Here, galleries and design houses are found next to independent organic cafes which offer affordable food.

Popular with a varied and cosmopolitan population, it is mainly inhabited by young professionals, artists and successful entrepreneurs.

The 11th consists of both Haussmannian buildings and more modern, eclectic homes. Oberkampf is an area in the midst of development, having seen an increase in demand from real estate investors and it is now attracting more and more first time buyers looking to invest in an apartment.

Paris - Bastille 11ème arrondissement Paris - Engel Volkers

Bastille, the festive area of the 11th arrondissement

Bastille is also a historical and cultural centre of the capital. The cradle of Revolutionary Paris and the site of the fall of the French monarchy in 1789, Bastille remains a reputable area for the French today.

Bastille is also well known and frequently visited thanks to the Bastille Opera house and its rich and eclectic programme of events.

Both popular and trendy, Bastille in high demand by Parisians looking to buy and apartment and invest in a property in the heart of a lively and culturally rich neighbourhood. Indeed, Bastille is most appreciated for its numerous bars, restaurants and shops, where Parisians of all ages like to spend their time.

The architecture in Bastille is as diverse as its population: a mix of Haussmannian buildings and more modest ones. These apartments and buildings bear witness to the history of this highly sought after area of the capital.

Paris - Immobilier Paris 11ème arrondissement - Belleville - Engel Volkers

South Belleville, a cosmopolitan hub of the 11th arrondissement

South Belleville continues on from Oberkampf/Republique and Bastille. It is a popular, lively neighbourhood where young Parisians come to party.

A place of artistic expression, South Belleville is home to many contemporary art galleries and street art. The building walls are decorated with colourful graffiti, in testament to the dynamic nature of urban Parisian art.

The area is characterised by its popular and cosmopolitan atmosphere, as South Belleville welcomes numerous communities and nationalities who come together at the markets and small local cafes.

Made up of small buildings and large complexes, South Belleville has distanced itself from the Haussmannian model in order to propose more affordable options for people wishing to invest in an up and coming area.

South Belleville’s unusual character and diverse population are what makes it so attractive. Thanks to its relatively affordable real estate in comparison with the rest of the city, South Belleville is an interesting area to invest and live in.

Paris - Immobilier Paris 11ème arrondissement - Nation - Engel Volkers

Nation, the gateway to Paris in the 11th arrondissement

Nation is split between the 11th, 12th and 20th arrondissements. It is characterised by the famous Nation square, once known as the Trone square, built in honour of the marriage of Louis XIV and Marie-Therese of Austria. A historical centre of the capital, the Nation neighbourhood is emblematic of the French uprising and its revolutionary spirit.

Both popular and family-friendly, Nation has a lot to offer, from businesses to large markets and many schools, colleges and high schools with good reputations.

The area of Nation is inhabited by a diverse population: older generations, families and students mingle on the pavements of the large avenues.

Nation is nice and lively and you’ll find plenty of delis, restaurants and large brasseries there. A concentrated area that is easily accessible, Nation presents an important property profile that should be considered carefully if you are thinking of buying an apartment.

Investing in real estate in the 11th arrondissement

The 11th is in high demand from real estate investors, especially families who wish to live in a lively and cosmopolitan area and buyers who specialise in rental properties due to the large student population in the area.

The average price per square metre is around €10,000. Despite a slight decline in prices at the start in 2019, overall the prices continue to increase. Each area has slightly different pricing, with the highest being Oberkampf/ Republique (€11,000- €15,000 per square metre) and the lowest being South Belleville (€8,500 - €9000 per square metre).

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