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10 tips to maximise your space at home

Living space is often limited in the most desirable locations to buy property. Yet small space, whether in a city-centre apartment or a country cottage, needn’t be a hindrance. We explore how to get the most from your interiors in ten simple steps.

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1. Reorganise the layout
Personalise your home layout to suit your own habits. You may have a large dining room and living room with a smaller kitchen – but if you prefer to dine in the kitchen, it may make sense to knock down a partition wall to create a larger, open plan kitchen-diner space.
2. Create sight lines
Create the illusion of larger rooms by considering focal points. Large windows and mirrors create long, open lines, giving the impression of distance. Combine this with visual obstacles of larger furniture to create shorter sight lines that the eye has to take in slowly.
3. Make use of colour
White is a classic colour to open up spaces. If an all-white room doesn’t suit your design aesthetic, consider a scheme from the cool end of the colour wheel. Complement this with white ceilings and white crown moulding to give the appearance of vertical spaciousness.
4. Keep to a simple aesthetic
Ensure your overall design scheme is clean and simple. By keeping the overall backdrop of your room free of complicated design, you can add eye-catching statement pieces without contributing to a feeling of clutter.
5. Plan for movement
Plan to allow as much free-flow of movement as possible by keeping furniture in the centre of the room smaller. For example, rather than one large coffee table, use two small ones to keep the space open.
6. Statement sofas
One or two large items of furniture can actually make a room seem larger. A large sofa by the wall, where it will not impact on movement, can make a room appear less cluttered than two or three armchairs.
7. Invest in custom furniture
Avoid the feeling of clutter with bespoke furniture pieces. Lower tables and chairs beside tall fireplaces will give rooms a sense of height. Pieces that perfectly fit your space will mean that you can place everything where you need it, rather than simply where it fits.
8. Form and functionality
Much of your furniture has potential to add storage space. Under the bed is a well-known solution for extra drawers, but don’t forget that you can add extra cupboards above countertops or even float some shelving above windows and doors. 
9. Add sliding doors
Take inspiration from Japanese interior designers, and install sliding doors as a replacement for conventional doorways. This allows you to partition spaces for quiet or privacy when needed, and drastically open up rooms when entertaining. 
10. Experiment with lighting
Using several smaller lights rather than one large light gives your room the impression of depth. Positioning lights high on the wall rather than on the ceiling itself draws the eye upwards, making the ceiling appear higher.
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