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2017 Real Estate Trends

Welcome to 2017. What will this be a year of? 


2016 has come and gone, but many of us are still left with the nightmares and repercussions from the many challenging and volatile events that had taken place throughout the past year. For most of us, it was a challenging year to say the least. For others, the pain may have been excruciating. The real estate market has not been immune to the past year’s whims.


It’s easy to let the last remnants of joy, hope and positivity get sucked out from us, but, in spite of all these challenges of 2016, we must remind ourselves that the night is often darkest before dawn. Positivity is what gets us through the revolving table of life happenings, without it, our personal life, business and health will suffer tremendously. Let’s forgive and forget the perils of last year and look with hope towards a better year ahead of us. This is the time to find the strength to fight on, not surrender.We all have the choice to dictate or own future, and this can very well be your year to thrive if you choose to embrace positivity instead of waving the white flag. 


2016 was a year of anxiety and uncertainty. It was marked by major shocking events like the Brexit debacle, the US presidential election outcome, and other socio-economical upsets and heightening geopolitical tensions. To sum it up, it’s been a roller coaster ride of global uncertainty on every corner of the world.Luckily, the shocks of Brexit and the US presidential election have not caused much significant changes in the real estate market in Asia-Pacific, despite some short-term currency volatility. On a more uplifting note, the real estate markets in Asia-Pacific has remained more or less robust, which has attracted a great number of investors around the region.


Here are some of the key real estate trends thatexperts expect to see in Asia-Pacfici’s realestate market in 2017:

Vietnam: The Rising Star To Watch Out For

All eyes will be on Southeast Asia in 2017, with Vietnam being its particularly sought after rising star. According to JonesLang LaSalle’s Asia Pacific Capital Markets report, Vietnam’s real estate sector saw a 12 percent year-on-year increase in investment this year. However, investors are still to be expected to fall back on more mature markets such as Australia, for its transparency and higher yields, and,Singapore, for its attractive entry points. 


The Trend Of Chinese Capital Going Out For Real Estate Gathers Momentum 

According to reports made by Jones Lang LaSalle, the trend of Chinese capital going for real estate has no plans to stop, as a matter of fact, it is only going to keep gaining momentum due to the enormous capital base in China. Investors in China see overseas investment as a strategic move. Currently, China is the world’s largest cross-border real estate investor, having invested nearly USD 18 billion in to commercial assets internationally in the first three quarters of this year. 


New Sectors Will Be Popping Up To Create New Opportunities

Investor’s are looking for value in 2017. As a result, investors will more and more so search for value in off-market deals, in newer and secondary cities and newer sectors.

More And Bigger Deals To Continue

There were a number of significant deals and transactions made in 2016. Some of them are: The Qatar Investment Authority’s purchase of Singapore’s Asia Square Tower 1, Century Link Complex in Shanghai’s Pudong district being sold for $2.96 billion to Beijing-based Insurance company China Life, and Brookfield Asset Management acquiring the International Finance Centre Seoul for $2.7 billion.


The trend has been big and bigger deals, which will continue to grow in 2017.

According to Property Report about emerging markets,these cities below are also ranked to be the strongest property investment prospects in 2017:

It seems that 2017 will be a massive year in real estate for Bangalore. The Indian megalopolis is ranked as number on on the report’s Development Prospects Index due to its status as a magnet for business and IT industries, and has no plans to stop growing. Mumbai is doing well in its office sector, drawing both strong demand and rental growth. The city will become even more friendly when its major road and rail infrastructure works (connecting outlying areas to the city center is finished,which is estimated to be completed in 2019. Ho Chi Minh City is of course on the list with Vietnam being on every major investor’s radar in the region. Our Hong Kong neighbour, Shenzhen is picking up pace rapidly. Shenzhen’s residential market is the fastest growing in the world. Not only have office rents doubled their values, the residential market is growing 40 percent year-on-year in the first three quarters of 2016. 


See below for the full ranking list of cities with thebest investment opportunities for you in 2017:


    1.     Bangalore

    2.     Mumbai

    3.     Manila

    4.     Ho Chi Minh City

    5.     Shenzhen

    6.     Shanghai

    7.     Jakarta

    8.     Bangkok

    9.     Sydney

    10.   Guangzhou

    11.   Beijing

    12.   Tokyo

    13.   New Delhi

    14.   Auckland

    15.   Osaka

    16.   Melbourne

    17.   Seoul

    18.   Hong Kong

    19.   Kuala Lumpur

    20.   ChinaSecondary Cities

    21.   Singapore

    22.   Taipei

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