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Architectural Highlights: Fincas

The term “finca“ evokes the sense of a life that exudes quiet and relaxation. Dreamy villas which look back on centuries of history and whose solid structure seem to be built for eternity. As always the demand for fincas is very high, especially if they are equipped with modern fittings.

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Timeless and distinctively Spanish architecture

The term finca is closely linked with Mallorca. Finca literally means “property”, but it refers generally to an old or new country house. Stylistic elements include stone walls, rustic kitchens, stone fronts and terracotta floors. The charms of a finca are usually rounded off by an outside kitchen and outdoor pool. The properties are in the Mediterranean style, often combined with elements from Mallorca or the Canary Islands.

Pure nature

Fincas are found in rural settings, mostly lying in the wild beauty of nature on generous pieces of land. Lined with almond trees or olive groves, in the middle of plantations or framed by palm trees, citrus plants or fig trees. Their special location is what makes fincas so unique. Because they have no immediate neighbours, serenity and space for withdrawal are the order of the day. They are often found high on slopes with an ocean view.

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A unique sense of being

The rustic setting is what makes the sense of being so individual to each finca. Whether it’s clay bricks, old wooden beams, stucco floors or historic walls, the typical materials of each region create a unique architecture. The building style is many-faceted, whether with traditional elements like columns or cutting-edge elements. 

Tradition and modernity

High-quality fittings and unusual materials are involved in renovations and add modern value to the original farmhouse. It is important in every renovation that the original charm and the fundamental distinguishing features of a Finca are retained. Creative design elements and modern technology in combination with historic building materials form an exciting dynamic. This often results in modern, innovative objects with a blend of regional and modern architecture.

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