Feng Shui - Achieving Good Health

Achieving good health is an immensely popular goal nowadays. The ancient science of Feng Shui emphasizes the creation of balance and harmony in various living environments. This balance in turn helps to promote tranquility in the people who inhabit these settings.

A peaceful mind is considered to essential for the pursuit of a healthy being. To acquire an optimal state of good health, an individual should try and ensure that his/her home or office, where he/she spends the maximum time in a given day, is a soothing, peaceful place.

Today, we speak to Feng Shui master Jill Lander of Golden Elements about harmonizing and energizing our environs according to Feng Shui so that we can be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

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Jill, we know Feng Shui is a piece of knowledge that originated in the East, and we have observed that most homes in Far East Asia have shoe cupboards outside their main doors. Guests and residents of the home are required to leave their shoes outside the main door. What is Feng Shui reasoning behind this practice?

Although Feng Shui origins are within China, these days with global heightened awareness it is fast becoming a respected form of support which can be introduced into a home of any culture to stabilize and enhance the energy and well being of any individual and their space.

Although in eastern culture to have a shoeless home is quite the norm, from experience it is becoming more commonplace in western culture. These days more than ever our homes are considered to be sacred space, and we work very hard to maintain a clean and clear energy flow. As discussed in previous articles the door is considered to be the mouth chi of the home, and as we would not put something distasteful or dirty into our mouths so it is with our homes. The entrance is a powerful and can be a vulnerable hot spot of energy and as such should be respected.

Whatever energy you take into your home can remain and be transferred through out, therefore with anything to do with health “prevention is better than cure”

We lead such busy and stressful lives nowadays and often feel overwhelmed. Can Feng Shui help to re-energize us?What are the best ways to restore calmness to a frazzled mind and body?

After a stressful day and severe energy loss coming home can sometimes be the greatest reward. We work on such a yang high vibration for most of the day therefore its important to balance the energy of our homes in order to relax and prepare us for a good nights sleep. I recommend a pleasing aroma which instantly transforms your energy once you enter the home to re-align your mood and emotions. Lighting is also important to adjust so when you arrive home, do not put all the lights on at once as in doing so will maintain you in a yang vibration, making it difficult to balance and adjust later, put lamps on rather than overhead lighting – lighting a candle can have a wonderful and immediate effect to remind us we are now in yin mode and connects us to our inner spirit. Music can also be mood and energy adjusting so something gentle at the end of the day adjusts personal vibration as does the element of water which is why taking a candle lit bath is so magical. All these recommendations are based on the integration of the five elements – Aroma relates to the elements of WOOD and EARTH – Lighting = FIRE, Music = METAL Bathing = WATER.

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Could you enlighten us about the effects of the five main elements of Feng Shui on a living environment?

The five elements all relate to directions within our home and or any individual room – therefore we aim to use the appropriate elements in order to create harmony and balance which would be determined by the activity taking place in each location.

For example the NORTH relates to the element of WATER and is considered YIN in essence which means this is ideal for a bedroom.

If you have a north entrance you may benefit from harmonizing the energy with flowing water or bright lights to increase the YANG making a productive entrance for ideas and motivation. Adjusting the NORTH energy can enhance independence and reduce the risks of worry – isolation and insecurity

The SOUTH relates to FIRE and is considered to hold a YANG force and makes for a great entrance or study to harness recognition and reward.

If your bedroom is in the south you may benefit from adjusting the energy by drapes which whilst not blocking out any natural light – helps to diffuse any excess yang. Adjusting the SOUTH energy can enhance self expression and passion and reduce the risks of conflict – tension and stress.

The EAST and SOUTHEAST sectors of the home relate to WOOD.

The EAST is YANG in essence and increases family luck and can support HEALTH so the east makes a great area for a study or family room – Creating good Feng Shui for the east reduces anger and impatience.

The SOUTHEAST is YIN wood in essence and makes a great entrance as the southeast can draw in wealth and opportunities - Creating good Feng Shui for the southeast enhances opportunities and reduces lack of focus and helps decision making.

The WEST and NORTHWEST sectors of the home relate to METAL. 

The WEST is YIN in essence and relates to children so a west room is good for a playroom and or a bedroom for young people – Creating good Feng Shui for the northwest reduces depression and irresponsibility.

The NORTHWEST is YANG in essence and makes a great area for a study as the energy encourages good networking skills – Creating good Feng Shui for the northwest reduces arrogance and help develop a more open and flexible mind.

The SOUTHWEST and NORTHEAST sectors of the home relate to EARTH.

The SOUTHWEST is YANG in essence and relates to romance and happiness so ideal for a bedroom - Creating good Feng Shui for the southwest reduces jealousy and feeling stuck. 

The NORTHEAST is YIN in essence and relates to self improvement and knowledge so ideal for a study or family room -Creating good Feng Shui for the northeast reduces feeling on edge and self critical.

What role does color play in creating a serene setting?

Colours can be used in art, cushion covers, drapes, curtains, carpets. Colours hold their own vibrations and can have a huge impact on our energy and well being. I have integrated colorstrology into my practice with great success and to the delight of my clients. We all have our own birthday colours which more often than not harmonize with our own elemental birth structure. If you feel the need to change your life, look around your home and restructure your colours using scatter cushions and throws to see how you feel about any new colour introduction. This can be the first step towards a new lifestyle! Surround yourself with colours and textures of how you are feeling and what you want to achieve or what you wish for. For example if you feel you are stuck in a rut and unable to make a decision then introduce light fabrics such as silks and cottons. If you feel the opposite such as feeling distracted and unable to focus introduce rich and heavier fabrics such as heavier cotton throws or rich velvets. We can see colour but not X-rays, and we can hear sounds but only if they are loud enough and within our audio frequency range. However, the human body is the best “receiver” on Earth, which can detect many things that machines and technologies cannot, especially in the areas of emotion, feelings and consciousness whilst using the element of the location to compliment the essence of the area.

Good health is always linked to getting a good night’s sleep. Jill, could you share insights into creating a Feng Shui compatible bedroom area that is conducive to sleeping well.

Create are laxing yet warm atmosphere in the bedroom through different forms of lighting. Experiment until you find a solution that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. A good reading light can also be balanced by the more romantic feel of candlelight as well.

The most important feature of the bedroom needs to be the bed itself. Firstly, consider the position of the bed and its relationship to the door. For example always avoid a situation where the door opens directly onto your bed or your bed is opposite to the door. Try to position your bed as far from the door as possible but at the same time with a good view of the door from where you sleep. This will help enhance a more stable atmosphere and energy in which to sleep. Make sure that the bed has a good strong headboard to protect your Chi while you sleep and avoid sleeping with your head facing an open window, as this will drain away your Chi as you sleep. Sleeping directly on the floor is not ideal,as it does not allow Chi to circulate below you.

The gap between your mattress and the floor needs to be kept clear – this definitely has to be a clutter free zone! Handy though they may be, storage units under your bed are less than ideal but in HK living is acceptable so long as you store neutral items such as clothes and linen. Never sleep on old papers or documents especially ones which relate to financials. They have the potential to disturb your sleep and limit the charge of Yin force (Earth force) tore-charge you while you sleep. Double-check the age and quality of your mattress or futon. Did you purchase it from new? Did it belong to your ex? Mattresses have the habit of absorbing Chi and need to be replaced regularly, turned regularly and given a good few hours in a sunshine bath every few months.

Lying on top of your bed, have a look above you to see what is possibly raining down on you. Avoid sleeping under shelves heavily laden with books and old magazines or sleeping in an alcove with cupboards above your head full of old books is also not ideal. Overhead electrical devices such as lights and fans need to be positioned away from your bed. A skylight above your bed will allow your Chi to dissipate while you sleep. Overhead beams and their heavy resonance of Chi are likely to cause you restlessness and discomfort as well. They can be made to disappear by painting them the same colour as the ceiling or if you have chosen a four poster bed with a canopy this helps protect you from the overhead beams.

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Jill, what is the Feng Shui trinity of a home and how is it linked to good health?

The Feng Shui trinity of the home is the position and location of the main door –kitchen/ bathrooms and the master bedroom. All of these have a huge impact on health and general well being. Based on your birth year ideally the door should face a good personal direction to allow you to enjoy smooth progress, reducing stress and obstacles from your life. The bathrooms and kitchen should ideally be located in one of your negative directions in order to “flush or burn away” any ill luck. The bedroom should be located as far away from the entrance as possible to make it yin and passive with the bedhead board positioned in accordance with your personal Feng Shui directions.

Good Feng Shui relates to good air. Can Feng Shui cures improve the air quality of a home or an office?

Feng Shui can help alleviate negative chi, windows and doors are to be considered at all times. For example if you find you have negative energy within your home it would be best to keep it ‘locked up” by the door being kept closed to prevent leakage into your overall space. Opening windows early in the morning between 7-9am, draws in the strongest DRAGON and cleansing chi energy, (7 -9 am are considered the dragon hours of the day)

You can purify the energy within your home by burning incense or other cleansing rituals to prevent tension and increase harmony. SPACE cleansing your personal space using a Tibetan metal bowl or Indian bells helps raise your vibrations and attract luck.

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