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Home Maintenance Tips for Property Intended for Resale

Hong Kong - reselling property

When you are in the investment of purchasing property in Hong Kong with the intentions of flipping it later at a higher price, you must know the basic remodeling that will help to add value to the property so that you can reap the property at better returns. Additionally, if you are a homeowner who wants to relocate to another home and thus you have to sell your current home, you need to learn the perfect home maintenance ideas that increase the value of the home.

Foremost, you need to anticipate the returns that you will reap from the home. It is also important for you to ensure that the price of the home is reasonable and falls within the bracket prices of similar property in the neighborhood. The value that you need to increase on the home will determine the cosmetic adjustments that you will add to the home. This article offers some great tips that will help you in making important home remodeling that will help you flip the house at better prices.

Home staging

House cleaning and adding another new coat of paint is not enough to make a home appeal to buyers. You should learn to woo potential investors with a more compact curb appeal that makes the home appear superior that it looks. This is the entire idea behind home staging. Generally, home staging is the act of sprucing the home with different accessories that are appealing and more inviting.

Home staging is an important aspect that should be used for homes that do not necessarily require any structural adjustments to increase their value. On the contrary, the strategies employ the creative and objective arrangement and placement of different home assets, accessories and décor elements to inspire the beauty of the home. The customization required can include adding some more home décor or assets that inspire, de-cluttering the home by removing any unnecessary assets as well as placing every asset of décor items at its original place. These steps help to reduce any flaws that would have otherwise made the home to appear undesirable hence reducing its value.

If you have a home that you intend to flip, you need to consider the home staging activities that can remodel the home to make it more appealing. The most basic tips that you need to attend to include:

    • Decluttering

A spacious home can look non-spacious as well as ugly when it is cluttered. This is desirable and may turn off potential buyers. You need to evaluate better ways of making the home look spacious and attractive by decluttering the rooms. You will have to remove an extraneous furniture and stuff. This helps to enable potential home buyers to imagine how amazing the space could be transformed by just making a few changes to the house.

  • Minimalistic decor appeal

Have you ever thought why the décor used in offices or restaurants appears unique and appealing to guests? It is because the décor features a minimalistic design that features neutral color patterns and looks. Even though you may be a lover of bright colors such as green, now that you have decided to put your house for sale, you need to consider using neutral colors for the house. You need to realize that potential buyers could simply be turned off by the green color on your interior décor.

De-customize personal attributes- in your home, you may have personalized your décor with some personal accessories that may be appealing, but now that you are selling the home, you need to remove depersonalize all these customizations such as personal trophies, family pictures or religious accessories. Additionally, try to remove unnecessary artwork that may not look desirable in the eyes of different people.

  • Clean the entire home thoroughly

You will need to clean all the rooms of the home as well as dust every corner of the room that may look undesirable. This includes the furniture and fitting, the ceiling, the windows. You should also remember to clean the pet peeves if you have been living with a pet.

  • Create a curb appeal

You need to make the home look appealing by polishing any exterior parts of the home landscape that looks ugly. You will have to prune any trees in the landscape, cut long grass, rake dropped leaves, clean flower pots etc. The essence is to improve the outdoor décor quotient through extra touches that appeal to the general public.

You will be amazed by how far these amazing tips could help you to remodel the outlook of your home and eventually help you to make the home look more appealing to potential buyers hence increasing its value. The benefits of using this strategy stem from the fact that most of the activities involved are DIY and you do not necessarily need to incur a lot of expenses hiring people to take help you in customizing the look of the house. It is also important to remember that during the visiting day of the open house, you accessories the home with some beautiful flowers as well as a customized and welcoming entranceway.

Home renovations

Renovations are an integral part of cosmetic adjustments that help to emphasizes on the value of the home, especially during a home inspection. By renovating, you will be fixing any structural flaws that reduce the value of the home. Additionally, renovations help in customizing the home by adding modern features that appeal to potential buyers such as building a patio or rebuilding the kitchen to become an open plan. Essentially, you are trying to appeals to the buyers by repurposing the focal point of the home. These are the places that most buyers are concerned with and when viewing the home. You need to ensure that they are modern and their visual look matches the standards of most modern homes. It is unadvisable for you to over-renovate the home because you may end up incurring more expenses, yet the value of the home remains the same. Therefore, you have to undertake a thorough evaluation of the home and decide which features could add a difference in the home while increasing the value of the home.  Some tips that should help you in making appropriate renovations include.

Tips on Saving On Real Estate Renovations

Today, the property market has been turned into a reserve of the rich by becoming more expensive. This has made common investors to shy away from buying property. However, a homeowner could still add value to his home by making necessary renovations that breathe a new life into the home. Renovations when done right, can add tremendous financial value to a home.

However, what happens when money is an issue during the renovation process? What should you do to keep as much of it as possible in your pocket?

  • Set a Budget

A budget is a necessity if you are looking to save money on your renovations. You need to come up with estimates of what everything may cost and put them down. Then you need to determine what you can afford to spend on your renovations and put that down too. Do your homework first though.

Having a budget will keep you on track and prevent you from overextending yourself financially. In the end, those boundaries you set for yourself will ensure that you save money.

  • Hire a Professional

If you don't know what you are doing, it pays to hire a contractor. Professionals are in a better position to find the best materials for the cheapest materials. They will also ensure nothing gets damaged during the remodeling process.

Damages to your home's structure could cost you thousands just for repair. Ignorance can be expensive, remember that.

  • Get multiple Quotes

Take your time when hiring professionals to help renovate your home. Write down what you want to be done, and call up the best contractors in your area and ask for price quotes.

Go with whoever provides you the best value for money. You will be amazed at how much money you can save just by shopping around for affordable contractors.

  • Put In Some Work on Your Own

There are certain renovation tasks that require professionals. And then there are those that require common sense and a willingness to try.
If you are in a position to do some work yourself, do it. You can save yourself quite a bit of money by doing simpler renovation tasks such as wallpaper removal, painting, and sanding, replacing tiles and so on.

The few contractors you hire will likely not mind giving you advice on what you should do on your own. If you are worried on the effort you will need to put in, think of the money you will save!

  • Use your Unwanted Stuff to Offset Your Renovation Costs

Take a good hard look at your unwanted stuff before you get rid of it. Can you sell some of those items on sites like eBay or your local second-hand stores? Do you have things that your local scrap metal dealers would be willing to pay for? Could you barter some of your unwanted property and exchange it for items you will need for renovations?

If you can generate money from the stuff you want, then you can use that money to offset your renovation costs. And that means you get to keep more money in your pockets, which is nice.

  • Negotiate Prices

Do your research and compare prices online. Then use that knowledge that you have garnered to negotiate lower prices for renovation services and materials used during the remodeling process.

A $50 savings may not seem like much, but when you have several of those, the money begins to add up. Before you even know it, you will realize that you have a significant amount of money than you had budgeted for the renovations.


Another home maintenance strategy that helps to add value to your property before resale is landscaping. This entails the making attractive modifications on the exterior décor of the home. You need to evaluate a desirable design that will create a curb appeal on the exterior décor. The landscape design should be tailored to complement the interior décor of the home which eventually helps to add value to the home. You need to establish a clear approach that will enable you to come up with a unique landscape design that is scenic and breathtaking. Therefore, the first step will be to consider the area that needs to be remodeled. You need to consider initiating the landscaping project on the front yards first because this is the most visible part that will be spotted by potential buyers when they visit the home.

Tips for creative landscape design

Generate Ideas for the landscape design

After considering the space that needs landscaping, you will now have to generate creative ideas that will certainly breathe a new life to the exterior décor. It is not hard to generate ideas. First, consider what unique features which when added will add value to the landscape design. This could be the establishment of a flower garden, establishment of a vegetable garden, development of a kids' play space etc.  As you generate the ideas, you must try to sketch them considering the available space and try to picture the ultimate results of the decor id the ideas are implemented.

Establish the focal point of the decor

One secret for developing an attractive landscape design is to identify the focal point of the exterior decor. Which is the spot that stands out the most? The spot that is visible easily when a guest visits the home is the focal point. This is the areas that will require extra care to bring out the beauty of the landscape design. You may also choose to increase the value of the home by creating a pattern of focal points following each other. This creates a compelling view that has a strong curb appeal. At the end of the pattern of focal points, you may choose to use unique sculpture or artwork that completes the beautifulness of the patterns of focal points.

Identify a spot that offers scenic views

You need to identify the spot that provides scenic views, especially during the evening sunsets. This is the next place that you should consider transforming by developing a patio or a deck or even a pool. These structures should be adorned with beautiful flower pots, art, and craft as well as other accessories that match the exterior décor.

Clearly, define the edges of the lawns

One amazing landscape styles that help to generate a compelling effect entails the defining of the edges of the lawns. After you have mowed the lawn, you need to define the edges of the lawns which makes the landscape looked tamed and restrained hence concealing the efforts used for maintenance. The edge should be neat and attractive.

Use trees and plants to add value

We all love trees and beautiful plants. Different plants and young trees add value to the home. One secret that you need to use in your landscaping project is the deployment of beautiful trees within the yard. You have top clearly define the strategic places where these plants will create a compelling effect. You may choose to create a unique pattern which is essential in developing a focal point on the exterior décor. However, remember not to over plant trees on the entire yards, you should have a limit according to the space available. Always ensure that you choose easy to grow plants that require little maintenance such as palm trees.

Weed the plants

Plants need to be weeded regularly to create a restrained effect that depicts low maintenance of the exterior décor. Additionally, you may find it desirable to mulch the plants and trees on the yard. In case you decide to mulch the plants, you need to use utility mulch such as forest fines because they are more appealing and add a Zen taste to the décor hence increasing the beauty of the landscape.

Decorate the entranceway
Another landscaping tip that willed finitely adds value to your home is the adorning of the entranceways. This is a critical place because it is the first thing that potential buyers will come across first when they visit the home. The entranceways should be well decorated with beautiful flowers that have different color variations and other potted plants. You should also undertake to use art and craft on the entranceways, but you need to ensure that the art and craft used to match the theme of the décor.

If done creatively, you will be amazed by the value increase that low-cost landscaping can have on improving the value of the home. Essentially, try to deploy DIY strategies when remodeling your landscape design. Moreover, it is also important that you conserve water resources that you use in the garden and on the entire landscape project. A clever way to do that is by planting drought-resistant plants as well as using automatic irrigation systems to water the garden.

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