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How to quickly feel at home after a move

A new home is an exciting opportunity to cultivate your ideal living set-up, complete with plenty of scope for personal modifications and beneficial lifestyle adjustments. These are often essential to ensuring you quickly feel at home after a move; while it can seem a little challenging at first, settling into your property is simply a case of taking a few judicious steps. These are the ones we recommended for a smooth transition.

Prioritise your relaxation spaces

It can be tempting to start unpacking your most utilitarian possessions first, but after a tiring move the comfort of your sofa and an absorbing novel is likely to be more valuable. That’s why it’s often sensible to start by organising the living room to ensure that your television, a selection of favourite books and most comfortable furniture are all available should you wish to relax. Initially, only the bare essentials are needed in the kitchen: The coffee machine, cups, small plates, cutlery, tumblers and wine glasses will suffice for the first night. This will also provide the ideal incentive to dine at a local restaurant, rather than cooking in the home.

Find a place for personal items

Sentimental items, as well as those that are woven into the fabric of your daily routine, are a simple way to anchor yourself in your new environment. Find a prominent place to display photographs or your most treasured sculptures or artworks, and make space in the main communal rooms for meaningful items of furniture, such as antiques that are part of the family history. Seeing these around your new property will provide a welcome sense of consistency: Although the environment is unfamiliar, personal possessions will distinguish it as your own.

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Consider your daily routine

In addition to the practicalities of paperwork and address changes, one aspect of feeling truly at home is knowing how your days will be structured. This may involve establishing the best route for a morning run, or which room would work best for entertaining guests. You might also wish to consider which areas of the home are most suited to creating a serene home office in. If you will be driving to work or a school, it is worth clarifying the journey and the amount of time that will take. Once the property is accommodating and enhancing your lifestyle, you will soon feel more settled.

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Navigate the local area

After assessing the core offerings in the community, such as the highest ranking schools and the best healthcare providers, it’s time to look into some of the recreational activities. A knowledgeable estate agent can help you discover the finest eateries, members’ clubs and theatres in the area, while neighbours can provide their insights into local favourites. Joining a group, such as a wine or yacht club, can often help to speed up this integration into the community. 

Whether you’re planning on upgrading the family home, or are simply looking for a new property to add to your portfolio, Engel & Völkers‘ experts are perfectly placed to advise you on your search. With shops in 39 countries around the world, we can help you settle into a new home in a wide variety of exclusive international locations.

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