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Interior Trend: How to make your bathroom look expensive

The perfect bathroom should provide an effortless blend of luxury and practicality, creating a space for relaxation as much as for cleanliness. Although bathrooms can often be left until the last minute in home redesign, the right taps and tiles contribute to the overall aesthetic of your home just as much as the perfect antique armoire. However, this does not necessitate an urgent call to your plumber; often, upgrading a bathroom can be as simple as making a few carefully chosen cosmetic changes. Follow these top tips, and you'll soon have a bathroom that could easily be confused with a luxury spa. 

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While many bathrooms are designed to be purely functional, there's really no reason why your bathroom shouldn't be an outlet for artistic expression, just like the rest of your interior décor choices. Consider whether a painted wall would benefit from a colour-coordinated artwork, or whether there's space on the windowsill for a small sculpture. Although clutter should be avoided, adding ornamentation steers away from the austere feel that bare walls can create and might just provide you with the ideal location for a favoured artwork. Leafy green plants are a complementary choice for many colour schemes; choose small plants that thrive in low light and high humidity. Orchids, bamboo and philodendrons will all adapt well. 

Lighting is another simple change that can have a big impact on the room's ambience. If you're fortunate enough to have a large space to fill, consider installing a modernist chandelier. This opulent, unusual touch will give your bathroom a regal air, at minimal cost and effort. Alternatively, you may wish to install a dimmer switch to set mood lighting as and when you choose, or simply fill the counters with scented candles to make your next bubble bath even more indulgent. 

Select your toiletries with care, displaying only the most aesthetically pleasing and hiding the rest away in cupboards or baskets when not in use. Ensure that there is plenty of storage for the whole household's needs; look out for antique boxes, mason jars or porcelain bowls to house essentials like cotton wool, soaps and toothbrushes. 

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Upgrade your linen closet, picking out thick, fluffy towels, robes and mats. White cotton creates the impression of a home spa, or you could take inspiration from the east and pick out vibrantly colourful silk robes and an ornately embroidered rug. Monogrammed towels and flannels lend an air of vintage glamour, which you can capitalise on by adorning your bathroom counter with crystal bottles of eau de parfum. 

To give your bathroom style as well as substance, replace your existing showerhead with a rain shower head. These deliver a wider, denser, finer spray, with advanced technology ensuring effective pressure throughout your shower. This inexpensive improvement can make a crucial difference to your daily life, and is certain to impress house guests. 

If you're considering investing in a new property that comes complete with several luxurious bathrooms, contact Engel & Völkers. Our diverse portfolio of international high-end real estate is meticulously curated and continually expanding, so we're certain to have the ideal new home for you. 

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