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Local Love: Hong Kong Edition

When you live in a city for too long, it’s natural and easy to complacent and take everything you are so blessed to have around you for granted. It’s so easy to get swept up in to the mindset of “grass is always greener on the other side” when we forcibly sit cooped up in our apartments watching one typhoon go by after another through a seemingly never-ending season of bipolar tropical weather tantrums. We complain a lot about our living conditions and the way of life here because urban areas are literal concrete jungles that are congested to say the last. We complain about the property prices and the crazy rents. We complain about the pollution and the noise. We complain about the overly-croweded street and the urban density. We complain about the anxiety that the city gives us. If we want to complain, there’s always going to be a list of things to complain and moan about. When we complain, we forget all that’s good right in front of us. Life can be pretty amazing if we stop and see our environment with a fresh pair of eyes and renewed perspective.

We spend so much time complaining about what we have sometimes that we forget to count our blessings. Just because Thanksgiving has passed doesn’t mean we can’t,and shouldn’t still be thankful for all that we have and to be lucky enough to call this city home. Instead of coming down so hard on our city, why don’t we take the time to say a few nice things about Hong Kong? Don’t we have anything nice to say about this city that has given us so many memories for so long? 

For all of you who are considering a move to Hong Kong, stay with us to see what locals have to say about what makes their city so great. 


Hong Kong has always been known for its vibrant, unceasing energy. It’s the 24/7 "bright lights, action,go!” lifestyle that has made Hong Kong so iconic on the world map. Not only is the city famed for the stunning skyline of towering skyscrapers, intersecting neon-lit roads filled to the grid with Hong Kong’s infamous bright red taxis and super cars, it is also known for its extremely high real estate prices, and the demand to match.


In Hong Kong, everything is only about 20 minutes from point A to point B. If there’s one word to describe Hong Kong, it has to be convenience, and second, efficiency. If there’s anything proud Hong Kongers boast about, that would be it. Hong Kong is an interesting city. It’s microscopic inscale compared to most global metropolitans, but its name shouts out loud and proud. Hong Kong can be a confusing city to circumnavigate for newcomers so we are here to help you understand what this city is truly about. For those restless souls who feel like they have been here for much too long, we want tore mind you of what a beautifully enchanting city you live in, from real Hong Kongers who love our beloved city through and through.


What makes Hong Kong so captivating to live in?

“I love the convenience and easy access to virtually everything! There’s a love-hate relationship for most people here and it really comes down to the work environment. If you are young,and you’re hungry, this is a fantastic place to be. Everyone’s a workaholic, but to be fair, we work hard but we also know how to have a good time. Efficiency is a huge bonus for me. As a young professional, I want to be in a city where the energy is fastand vibrant. The pace of life here is very quick, which I love. You can get anywhere and get anything within 30 minutes, give or take. Just the life experience of being able to say I have lived in Hong Kong is simply unbeatable."


“Hong Kong is so diverse. It’s one of the most diverse cities in the world. My friends here represent almost every culture from all around the globe and I have never been able to find this any where else. Our city is a very rare combination of global diversity mixed in with local eclectic charm. The beauty lies in the international presence that we have from so many mixes of beautiful people."


“The sense of being “alive”. I’ve lived in cities all over the world but every single time I’m back in Hong Kong, I immediately feel like an electrical current shoots through my system and I’m jolted alive once again. I feel motivated here. I feel energized and excited. It’s truly a world city in that you can walk through the city and hear so many different languages being spoken and so many cultures intersecting. It’s all very normal here. It’s a confusing city because you really need to know how to have that perfect work-life balance. It’s easy to get swept up in the glitz and glamour because it’s just such a fun city to be in. You need to know how to exert some self-control and know when to just relax and rest. There’s just too much excitement here. What’s not to love?"

“The strength, diversity and resilience that Hong Kong residents demonstrate. Our city, and our culture is constantly being redefined and we have managed to staypure in who we are in spite of all of the changes in the last few decades."

“I love that Hong Kong is so obviously beautiful in the ways that its known around the world, but has managed to kept so many beautiful secrets hidden that only true locals (who go out searching for it) know about. I have lived in the city for over a decade now, and I still find myself discovering new places I have never ventured into. This city never ceases to blow me away."


“The best part about Hong Kong is the ease of transport everywhere. It’s being able to walk around all day long and experience all the culture that the streets have to offer. Eat, drink,shop, and walk. There’s always room for exploration."


“The views! Any direction you look, you are met with the most jaw-dropping views.You have the harbour, the sea, the mountain greenery, the city skyline - it just never ceases to amaze me. I love the sounds as well. Some people call it noise but this is what an energetic, lively city is supposed to sound like. You feel absolutely alive when you live here."


“The food! Food, food, and more food! Hong Kong is a culinary heaven! We have an exhaustive list of MIchelin Starred restaurants, as well as real awesome whole in the wall, local digs that serve the most fantastic local delicacies. There’s always a new restaurant popping up. The problem is not knowing where to eat because there are just too many options! I’ll take this over a lack of options any day."


“The most beautiful thing about Hong Kong is that you can be in a completely different part of the city in less than a half-hour of walking. You can be in the middle of bustling financial district Central, and end up hiking through a forest canopy within the hour. I live in a residential, hilly area. I can go on a day-long hike along a trail behind my street, or I can walk just twenty minutes down the hill and find myself in the middle of the city’s largest commercial district. If i need to go anywhere in the city, i can easily hop on the public transport lines and get there in less than half an hour. You don’t need a car to survive in this city, I couldn’t find a more convenient city to live in.”


“I love that the law and order in Hong Kong is so good. Hong Kong does not have any draconian measures to enforce law and order, yet it succeeds. The reason I believe it is so is due to the outstanding social measures taken to discourage crime. Hong Kong is blessed with excellent infrastructure which makes the whole city very sustainable."


“The mega convenience and access to almost all goods and services. Safety is extremely good."

 Hong Kong
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