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Luxury Apartments in Hong Kong

Luxury of Space in Hong Kong

Size really does matter in Hong Kong real estate. Unlike many countries where advantages such as waterfront, top floor, amazing renovations, best street, up market suburb etc can add significant value of your property, in  Hong Kong it’s all about the square foot and then the views. (With the right views in a crowded city especially if they are of the skyline and harbor then you can expect to pay around 30% more). 

For most people, living in cramped apartments where you can’t swing a cat, you have an almost bearable kitchen and no living space to speak of, the thought of having that luxury of space is never far from mind. We’ve all visited a friends place and come away envious of the large open plan western style living areas, and a large bedroom or two where you can put side tables and

In a city that is vertically growing, with unavailable land to develop, if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury property, then you will be more than likely looking for a house or townhouse. You may also consider a penthouse apartment with 4 or 5 bedrooms the ultimate luxury because you will get up to 5000 sq ft of livable area.

How large

The luxury of space means different sizes to different people. A single professional working in Central may consider a 2 bedroom apartment with all the bells and whistles with a 800 sq ft measurement plus balcony as luxury.  A family living in a stand alone village house of 2100 sq ft might consider that luxury after they’ve moved from their 800 sq ft apartment in the mid levels.

For one billionaire 5000 square feet might be too small however for an average sized family 5000 sq ft probably sounds like absolute luxury. This luxury is based on the space in which to live.  It definitely can be said that luxury is the amount of space you have.

All developments are not created equal, therefore, with all the luxury of space representing quite different sizes to different dwellers, we decided to look for the most spacious offerings in different categories as a bit of a guide to achieve luxury of space.

Singles and Couples

For singles and couples around 800 sq ft will give you plenty of room to move around. There are always the opportunity as an owner to reconfigure your apartment from 3 beds to 2 or 1 and create your perfect space.  Good buildings to gain this floor size are Alessio, Hillsborough and the higher floors at Centre Stage on Hollywood Road. Well located these developments are inner city convenient with everything on your doorstep.

Family Sized

Small families with 2 children would wish for enough space between 1200 and 2000 sq feet. Ideal apartment buildings to look at would be Seymour, Azure and Argenta, especially as the club house facilities are perfectly suited to families. The top floors are designed with more space and these newer buildings all have open plan layouts and fabulous resort style facilities.

Discovery Bay is also a hugely popular location for ex pat families offering 3 -4 bedroom apartments, town houses and houses in a resort environment with shops, restaurants, schools and pretty much everything for the family lifestyle.

Village houses are also a good option for families with 2 or 3 children in areas such as Clearwater Bay and Sai Kung.  These houses come in a standard size of 3 x floors of 700 sq ft each and a total of 2100. However the internal designs can be vastly different configurations with ultra fabulous fit-outs and interiors, gardens, swimming pools to further enhance the sense of space. These two districts are very popular with ex pat families as they are located near international schools. Shek O is also popular for smaller family homes and the advantage of the beach.

For those looking for even more space well over 2000 sq feet, you may consider some older style complexes that have good sized rooms and large living spaces such as Estonia, Granville and Hong Kong Gardens.

At the Top

If you are a billionaire or at least a multi-millionaire then Hong Kong is your place to achieve the highest level of luxury in any building, development or stand alone mansion. Penthouse apartments will offer up to and above 5000 sq feet, and you can have your pick of locations with majestic panoramic views, private elevators, private entrances and maybe a helipad. Mansions on Repulse Bay Road, Shouson Hill and the Peak can see you right with staggering space towards 10,000 sq feet and more. You’ll have commanding views out over middle Island, Repulse Bay or Victoria Harbor, a driver, staff and a pretty luxurious spacious life.

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